Heron Lake

Gary and Lynne had a few day sessions during a week of lovely sunny weather, but with cold nights and heavy frost – 39.0M, 36.0M, 66.14C (New Venue, Lake and Common Record!!!!!!!!)55.5C, 48.0M, 64.13M.

6 Fish, Total weight – 310lbs, Average weight – 51.71lbs

The fishing was slow, but some real lumps came out including two fish over the 2020 lake record. What an average weight across the 6 fish. New PB’s for Gary all round and his first ever 60’s!!!!!!!!


Heron Lake

Obviously no guests, but a rare chance for me to do some fishing. A three day session in dry weather and very cold wind. A first chance to see how the fish have faired over the Winter – 56.3M, 46.5M, 38.0C, 50.0M, 48.0C, 48.13M, 28.0M, 30.4M, 25.2C, 35.5C, 46.6M, 46.10M, 47.8M, 53.10M, 34.3M, 36.13M

16 fish, Total Weight – 673lbs, Average weight – 42.05lbs

A slow start on day one, but second and third days good as wind eased. Good weights with a couple of the known fish showing good growth rates. The feeding regime during the Winter looks like it could have paid off.


After a good three day session we have completed the re-stocking of Kingfisher Lake. Those who regularly follow us will know that we put the first batch of fish back in the lake at the beginning of 2020 and the plan was always to follow that with a second stocking this year.

I am happy to say that we have added 15 lovely carp with a total weight of 618lbs and an average weight of 41lbs! This means we now have a total of 50 fish in the lake with an average weight of over 42lbs. Many thanks to Jim Paveley and Dave Thomas for their help in catching these fish.

All we need now are some customers to fish for these beautiful specimens!!!!!!!!!!!


Heron Lake

Russ made it over on his own as Dave and Michelle had to cancel late on, changeable weather during his stay but a very satisfactory week and a bit just before lockdown – 46.0M, 47.0C, 37.12M, 48.0C, 37.0C, 61.12M, 46.0M, 32.0M, 42.0M, 30.8M, 38.0M, 62.6C (matched lake record common), 43.0M, 32.0C, 45.8C, 31.8M, 48.0M, 47.0M, 37.0C, 29.0C, 26.0M, 43.8M

22 fish, Total Weight – 912.4lbs, Average Weight – 41.47lbs

Two PB’s for Russ and his first ever 60’s. Once again average weights over 40lbs across a good number of fish. Thanks to Russ for making the effort to come over – many would not!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished

That looks like that’s it for this horrible 2020. Into lockdown again and who knows what will happen. Thanks to every one who made it out and supported our little fishery. Who knows what 2021 will bring!


Heron Lake

Wayne, Dicky and Mark arrived for their first trip to Puyravaud, weather was definitely changeable and affected their week – 45.0M, 31.0M, 29.0M, 44.0M, 29.0C, 27.0M, 28.0M, 41.0C, 44.0M, 32.0M, 36.0M, 56.8M, 38.0C, 60.8M, 44.0C, 34.0M, 59.8M, 32.0M, 36.0M, 45.8C

20 Fish, Total Weight – 793.2lbs, Average Weight – 39.66lbs

Despite the weather, PB’s all round for the guys on their first visit. Back to see us in Sept 2022!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished



Carl, Bella and daughter Madison arrived at Puyravaud in heavy rain with little idea of the session Carl was about to have.

Despite the weather, Carl had a brilliant start with a 61lb 13oz common, followed by a lake record grassy of 46lbs 9ozs. Two more good 40’s followed on day 1 with day 2 starting with a fantastic 62lbs 6oz lake record and PB common. A dream start that continued with fish all through week one of the trip.

Week 2 could not be anywhere near as good could it. Certainly it could! After bagging 32 fish, Carl managed another 33 in week 2 for a total weight of 2828lbs!!!!!!!! The largest weight ever caught at Puyravaud by a single angler. Average weight across the two weeks – a staggering 43.5lbs! Carl ended up with 5 x 60’s, 9 x 50’s and 27 x 40’s during his stay. Only 4 of his fish were under 30lb. Carl even caught our lake record common twice during his stay!!!! Top angling!

Simply a never to be repeated session that happened after over 20 years of fishing in France.


Heron Lake

Second week for Carl and he has continued to bring out the big ones – 56.0M, 55.07M, 36.08M, 30.03M, 34.05C, 35.07C, 47.14M, 42.03GC, 47.01M, 44.11M, 22.0C, 56.0M, 47.02M, 48.13M, 41.12M, 39.15C, 30.04M, 35.13M, 42.01M, 42.06M, 44.13C, 25.0M, 62.6C (Lake Record Fish caught for the second week), 60.13M, 53.11M, 27.14M, 32.0M, 42.13M, 37.08M, 48.02M, 48.03C, 37.0M, 30.12M

33 fish, Total Weight – 1375.15lbs, Average Weight – 41.67lbs

Not quite as good as last week, but still a stunning session with 2 x 60’s, 4 x 50’s and 13 x 40’s.

For the two weeks an incredible 65 fish, Total Weight – 2828.54lbs, Average Weight – 43.52lbs! 

The best session we have ever had!

Kingfisher Lake

Carl fished for one day, but no fish caught.


Heron Lake

The Amery family’s second visit to Puyravaud. This time a two week stay single angler fishing days only – 61.13M, 42.15M, 46.9GC (Lake Record grass carp), 43.1M, 62.6C (Lake Record Common), 47.10M, 39.5M, 45.0M, 36.0C, 34.10C, 46.1M, 32.5M, 32.10C, 44.14M, 38.6M, 47.12C, 37.12M, 48.12C, 38.0M, 51.7M, 50.1M, 29.3M, 45.12M, 45.10M, 41.13C, 58.0M, 56.5M, 38.1M, 42.11M, 63.11M, 59.14M, 47.10M

32 Fish, Total Weight – 1453.39lb, Average Weight – 45.41lbs

Wow, Wow, Wow what a dream session. Two lake records, a PB Common, 3 x 60’s and 5 x 50’s and 14 x 40’s with an average weight of over 45lbs. Just one fish under 30lbs! Our best result ever due to some excellent angling from Carl. Fridays result alone was 7 fish, 1 x 60, 3 x 50, 2 x 40 and one high 30 with an average weight of 52lb for the day!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished but baited up for Carl to fish during his second week.



The Amery family are on their second trip to Puyravaud and straight away Carl was into some of our biggest fish.

First out was a 61.13lb mirror, followed quickly by a 46.9lb lake record grass carp. Two more big 40’s followed on day one before first fish out on day two was a 62.6lb lake record common. A further 6 fish between 34 and 47lb have been caught by the end of day 3 to ensure a fantastic start to the trip. The good news is there is still a week and a half left of the trip! Great angling Carl and two Heron Lake records in 24 hours!


Heron Lake

Mark and Terry’s second week and the fish continued to come out, particularly after a change of tactics – 42.8GC, 27.8M, 52.8M, 27.0C, 33.0M, 35.0C, 32.0C, 28.0M, 32.8M, 41.0M, 34.0C, 28.0M, 42.4C, 27.4M, 42.0C, 34.0M, 32.6C, 44.0M, 37.0C, 44.0C, 47.0M, 52.0M

22 fish, Total Weight – 816.6lbs, Average Weight – 37.12lbs

Not quite as prolific as their first week, but still pretty good. Overall a very good two week session.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished