Two Dave’s and Badger Back at Puyravaud


Dave L and Dave O returned for their third trip and brought Badger with them for his first. The week proved difficult on the fishing side and the guys waited a couple of days for their first run. Badger however upped the ante with his first fish of 32lbs and then delivered two PB’s in the space of 40 minutes. The first a very nice mirror of 43.4lbs, followed shortly after by a beautiful 55.12 mirror.

Dave L finally got into the action with two mid to high 20’s caught on Heron and Dave O saved a blank with a mirror of just under 24lbs – the smallest fish in Kingfisher. The guys have booked to come back in April and October 2018 and we look forward to seeing all three again on both trips.

Dave L and one of our Castle fish
A nice Heron common for Dave