Things back to normal at Puyravaud


Happy to say that things are back to normal at Puyravaud.

We have now completed the repairs to the dam wall on Heron Lake, netted Kingfisher Lake, and sorted the stock . The whole exercise has taken nearly 6 months and we are just happy to be able to relax a little over Christmas and New Year, knowing we are ready for the 2016 season.

A couple of weekends ago, everyone descended on Puyravaud for the Kingfisher netting.  We had to catch 170 carp over 20lbs photograph, weigh them and decide which lake to put them in. The weather was great, it was very mild and everyone had a great day. We managed to complete the exercise in 6 hours and rounded the day off with much food and drink.

It was great to see Heron full again, knowing that we had the fish safely back in!  Looking at the positives ………we now have no small fish in Heron Lake after removing all fish under 20lbs – this should ensure some really good fishing in 2016 and we are hoping for some really strong growth rates next year!

Goodbye to 2015 and heres to a Happy 2016  (less stress and no more leaks!).   We start 2016 with an average weight of 32lbs in Heron and 39lbs in Kingfisher.