The McGready’s third trip to Puyravaud – September 2018


We have had a lovely two week break at Puyravaud. Weather has been very hot for the most part, only a couple of rainy days, but mostly 25-30 degrees. Its 2 years since we last visited and the lake has definitely matured and was more challenging. We resisted Pete’s offer of the bait boat, mainly because Aaron feels if you can’t cast yourself its not proper fishing. We had a fair result fish wise. Fish are hugging the far bank more now and Aaron did the best of the 3 fishing due to his ability to cast the furthest.

Went out for another fine meal at Chez Steph and also recommend the Creperie Patrice et Francoise in La Rochefoucauld. I had a minor hiccup when I left the car in first gear rather than reverse and nearly ended up dining with Marion and Peter, but sadly knocked the top portion of their wall down – apologies again!!!!!!!!

I’m sure we will be back again for more of the same in the future. All our love and thanks for a fab holiday.

PS – loved seeing all the wildlife this year, especially the Kingfishers that kept landing on our rods. They have definitely been breeding since our last trip.

The Mcgready’s