When Ross decided to fish Puyravaud with 5 time visitors Pete and Gary, little did he know what a weeks fishing he would have. After waiting patiently for two days for his first fish, he landed a PB of 33lbs+. A farely modest start which was beaten with his second fish – a beauty of 43lbs. On his final evening Ross was heard to say ‘I am really happy and don’t mind if I don’t catch another, its been a great trip’ – beware the contented fisherman!

At 8.30pm in semi darkness, Ross hooked into a hard playing fish which took 20 minuted to land. Once on the bank, it was clear this was a big fish and the guys ensured everything was recorded correctly. The fish was a 53lbs 8ozs mirror in beautiful condition that originally went in Kingfisher at 40lbs 7 ozs, two and a half years ago and was previously caught at 50lbs 5ozs – the last Kingfisher Lake record. The catch was weighed several times and verified by owner Peter Jackson.

Both Pete and Gary had some great fish up to 47lbs, so it turned out to be a memorable trip for all three of them.

Ross will have slept well last night and dreamt of even bigger catches on his next trip to Puyravaud. Well done Ross on your third PB in a week and the new Kingfisher Lake record.

Pictures to follow



So here’s the confirmation – 16 year old Connor receiving the prize for our latest lake record of 54lbs 7ozs. Connors a bit too young for this champagne really, but we didnt want to break with tradition – so guess this will end up being a gift for Mike…….for all the tuition and being a great angling coach…. what do you think?

The Salisbury’s and Connor had a great week and we hope to see them back, yet again, next year…………………

Here’s to our first 55lbs+ fish – not too long now – we hope!



Connor is back at Puyravaud for the third time and usually manages to break his PB whilst visiting. He did so on his first day with a beautiful 48lbs 10ozs common (lake record common) and quickly followed it up with a new overall Puyravaud lake record of 54lbs 7 ozs – this time a stunning mirror caught at 1.00am.

Both Mike and Connor continued to catch throughout the week and jointly ended up with 41 fish over 20lbs including 6 x 40’s and 2 x 50’s and an average weight of over 35lbs.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Daniella have been seeing the sites and soaking up the rays by the pool. Four very happy bunnies then…………….. Looks like they might be back next year as well!