Reflecting On 9 x 50+ Fish In A Week!!!!!!!

Lee’s Heron Common Lake Record

Over the 5 years that we have been running Puyravaud as a French Carp Fishery, we have strived to develop a venue for groups/families where everyone gets a holiday and there’s some great carp fishing to be had as well.

During that time, we have quietly built a good number of carp in both lakes and watched as the average weights increased. We are now up to 32lb+ in Heron (170 fish stocked in 6.5 acres) and incredibly 44lb In Kingfisher (60 fish stocked in 2.75 acres).

In the last week we have seen 9 x 50’s come out including our first two fish over 55lbs and our first common over 50lbs. This is by far our best performance in any week, so why the sudden improvement?

The answer – probably a number of factors. In the last few years we have seen a strong increase in the number of high 40’s caught and a good number of these are growing on to become 50’s. Quality of fish stock is also important and we have obviously bought well in the early days (thanks to the help from a number of people, particularly Gary Hagues who helped choose a large number of the fish in both lakes). Thirdly, correct fish numbers in each lake allow the fish to grow on if fed correctly and getting that feeding regime right is not easy. Lastly, we restrict the number of weeks we receive guests to fish each lake to ensure the fish get plenty of time to rest.

Should we be surprised at the results – maybe not but always nice when the results exceed expectations!!!!!!!! Oh and one last thing……………..patience is a necessary virtue for a carp fishery owner!!!!!!

Dave O new 50+ PB
Just under 52lb PB