Real Winter Spell Hits Puyravaud.


What a difference a year makes! This time last year we were enjoying a very mild winter whilst 2017 has started with a real cold snap that has both of our lakes fully frozen over.

Having said that, I always feel better if we have had a few really cold days as I think it ‘primes’ the lake in readiness for the new season. Last year we felt everything got a bit confused with the seasons and when it came to spawning time, the weather was up and down! This caused multiple spawnings, the last one being very late in early July and as a result we took a few fish losses beyond what we would normally expect.

Those stocks have more than been replaced, particularly in Heron Lake where we have added 43 fish between 21-28lbs and 25 smaller fish from our own stock ponds. We hope that we have the balance right for the 2017 season.

On Kingfisher, we had the opportunity to add 6 fantastic carp from 33-57lbs, bringing out stock to 60 for the 2.75 acre lake. We have also more than maintained our 42lb average weight with these additions.

Here’s to a positive 2017!