New Total Weight Record At Puyravaud For Andy and Mark


What a way to celebrate your 5oth birthday!

Andy and Mark arrived for their first visit to Puyravaud and immediately got into the fish! They just kept catching all week and amassed a total weight of over 2200lbs. This is the first time we have recorded more than 2000lbs in a single week and it shows that Heron Lake certainly has got its mojo back after a slower 2016. Birthday boy Mark seemed obsessed with catching all his fish during the night, whilst Andy’s efforts were more balanced across a 24 hour period!

The guys are part of Gary Hagues’ Marley syndicate and certainly used every bit of carp fishing knowledge to extract that many fish, despite some windy conditions.

We hope to see them back next year to pit their skills against our Kingfisher Lake. Well done guys and thanks Gary for the recommendation!

Andy’s Two Tone Common
Andy’s Two Tone Mirror
Andy’s nice 40+ mirror