More New Fish For Puyravaud Carp Lakes


A few weeks ago, we purchased 33 new fish with an average weight of around 27lbs to go into Heron Lake.

Last week we got the opportunity to buy some additional fish from a very reputable source (my good friend Gary Hagues!!!!!!!) and we decided to invest the funds necessary to acquire these stunning fish.

We put a further 10 fish weighing between 20-26lbs in Heron, bringingĀ the overall number of fish up to 150. All these fish are between 20-55lbs with a further 25 younger fish between 10-18lbs also stocked to get us back to an optimum level for this lake.

For Kingfisher, we managed to buy 6 more specimen carp from 33-56lbs (yes I did say 56lbs!!!!!). Fish like this are very rarely available, especially when you know exactly where they have come from and their history. So we added a 33lb mirror, two mirrors at just under 40lb, a 41.5lb mirror and 44lb common. The final fish is called Split Tail and weighed in at just over 56lbs, someĀ 3lbs lighter than when is was last caught in late spring just before its previous home was closed to visiting anglers. This fish genuinely has the potential to be our first 60lb fish!

All the fish are under their biggest weights and we aim to feed them through the Winter so we go into the 2017 season with good starting weights.

We are still awaiting one more good sized 50+ fish to arrive for stocking into Heron Lake and our fish purchases will very much be done for the 2017 season. We will keep you posted.