Latest Travel News From 16th July 2021 – Impact On Our Business!


We have just heard the news that UK visitors to France must once again self isolate on their return to the UK. This after everyone was expecting normal travel starting on the 19th July. We have long given up trying to understand the actions of the UK Government who are dealing with 50,000 cases a day compared to Frances 4000 cases a day. Despite these numbers the UK feels justified in maintaining the quarantine rules for double jabbed people returning JUST from France, not the rest of Europe – JUST France. My mind says this has to be political and not health based at a time when all restrictions are being lifted in the UK with cases totally out of control – where is the common sense?

This measure will undoubtedly sound the death knell for many French travel industry businesses that rely on UK visitors.

For our part, we can no longer afford to move dates to 2022 and beyond as the impact on our business is just too great and we have precious little availability left, particularly on Heron Lake with our barn accommodation. Like many businesses in our sector, we have suffered sustained losses over the last 15-18 months and we are unable to move another block of dates at Boris Johnson’s wim!

Please ensure that you have proper travel insurance to cover Covid delays as we cannot be held responsible for yet another set of measures beyond our control.

We are sorry to finally announce this, but it is this or go into liquidation!