It’s Not All About The Fishing!!!!!!! Or Is It?

Trev hooks into a 40lb mirror
Trev hooks into a 40lb mirror

Recent visitors Andrew, Drew and Trev certainly picked a good week to visit Puyravaud late on in the season.

Andrew was on his third visit of the year and Drew his second and the first week of October turned out to be a hot week – for more than one reason!

The guys were able to chill AND get some late rays as they waited for some fishing action. As this shot shows they took full advantage of the weather in between catching some superb Puyravaud carp from our Heron Lake.

The guys bagged 21 carp with an average weight of 33lbs including a very nice 48.9lb Common PB for Drew. The team will be back next year for their first visit in April.

Trev's lovely mirror
Trev’s lovely mirror