Heron Lake / Martin, Colin and Paul


6th – 13th May

Wow! What a week for the boys on Heron Lake. Martin, Colin and Paul managed to have 39 fish out with 4x 60+. Lovely wonderful guests, it was a pleasure to have you here with us. Cant wait to see you again.

Catch Report:

46:11m, 52:8m, 38:4m, 48:4m, 49:8m, 52:5c, 63:2c, 42m, 52:3m, 32:11m, 21:3m 49:9c, 49m, 32:6m, 24:11m, 50:4m, 60:9m, 42:2m, 63:8m, 38:4m, 35m, 52:9m, 34:2m, 34:7m, 45:5m,

22:8c,39:7m, 42:7m, 44:9c, 53:6m, 49:11m, 52m, 48:4c, 25c, 50:2m, 37:11m, 41:5c, 62:4m, 36m