Heron & Kingfisher


29/07 – 5/08

What a fantastic week weve had with Aaron, Ben Justin, Charlie + family and friends. The guys had 30 fish out over both lakes with a couple of 60’s and 4x new PB’s.  The kids all played together lovely and didnt leave the pool. They loved the cast in a bucket game with George, Rosie and Emilia all hitting the spot. Thanks for a lovely week guys, we look forward to seeing you hopefully next year.

Catch report:

41:5m, 60:2m, 49:8m, 33:1c, 28m, 33:3c, 30:5m, 42:12m, 37:5c, 31m, 34:1m 45m, 32m, 33m, 38:14g, 33:3m, 48:4m, 30m, 62:1m, 36:16m, 56m, 40c, 52g, 34:1m 41c, 49:14m, 47m, 48m, 47c