Kingfisher Lake

The smaller of the two lakes at around 2.75 acres and surrounded by trees. We completed a full renovation of this ancient lake in 2019, including de-silting, installing a dam wall and sluice system and taking out a number of old trees to ensure a good wind flow on the water . The lake was re-stocked in January 2020 and we intend to increase the stock in this lake in December 2020, having given it time to settle after the extensive re-work. Currently this lake is stocked with carp from 25 – 65lb.

This is a very secluded spot and has 3 swims to accommodate up to 4 anglers. This lake is now stocked with over 50 fish up to 63.0lbs and offers some tremendous and challenging fishing. We are seeing very good growth rates and the 2018 season is showing average weights up to 42lbs. April 2018 saw our first 60+ fish from this water and our largest fish is currently 63lbs, caught in October 2018!

The Swims

#1: Willow Island

Willow Island swim is a large double situated at the dam wall end of the lake. From this swim you are fishing into depths of up to 12 feet, and as the name suggests, the main feature is the small island situated 30 metres in front of the swim.

The Swims

#2: The Point

The Point is the central swim on the lake, it allows fishing to most parts of Kingfisher Lake. Typical depth is around 5-7 feet, and it is possible to fish to willow island from the left had side of the swim.

The Swims

#3: The Feed

The Feed is the swim closest to the house and is situated by the inlet which feeds Kingfisher Lake. It is a single swim at the shallow end of the Lake and typically you are fishing in a depth of around 4 ft. This swim benefits from a good flow of water at all times and should yield some great catches.