Heron Lake

The larger lake is around 6.5 acres and was extensively refurbished in 2015. Having originally drained the lake in 2007, we set about de-silting, refurbishing damn walls and strengthening banks that had eroded over many years. We have installed a new monk system that conforms to current standards as well as additional overflow systems to cope with today’s weather patterns.

This became a massive DIY project when we decided to buy our own digger and dumper to complete the work. Over a 100 man days later we had created a fantastic lake that has been stocked from scratch. We also reclaimed about an acre of the lake that had silted up over many years of neglect.

A new Sluice gate was installed as well as a grill to control fish entering from the stream. There are six purpose built swims to ensure everyone has plenty of room and privacy on the lake. The lake is now stocked with 120 carp between 20 and 67lb.

The Swims

#1: Ye Olde Oak Corner

At the main sluice end of the lake, this swim gives access to the deepest part of the lake and is near the access road across the damn wall. Unloading gear is very easy for this swim as a result. Casting is more of a challenge, but anglers can walk along the access road and literally place their line exactly where they want. Water depth ranges from 5-15 feet.

The Swims

#2: Gaz & Geeza’s

A double swim with access to the widest part of the lake. Can accommodate 6 rods if required, this swim has good close fishing on either side as well as long casting into the far bay where many large carp gather in the sun. Water depth is between 4-7 feet.

The Swims

#3: Edgar’s Haunt

The central swim on the house side and opposite, what we call the island, where much of the local wildlife can be found. Also has good access to the far bay and bank which has yielded some very good catches. Water depth 4-6 feet.

The Swims

#4: The Reeds

Towards the thinner end of the lake, a very secluded swim that has offered up some very good catches. Opposite a small reed patch and whole on the far side of the bank. Easy casting to the other side due to the narrower section of the lake. Water depth 3-5 feet.

The Swims

#5: The Shallows

At the reclaimed end of the lake near to one of the two fresh water feeds into the lake. Carp are often seen cruising in this part of the lake, particularly during the summer months. Gets fished less than the other swims, but has produced some good fish. Water depth 3-5 feet.

The Swims

#6: Billy No Mates

The only swim on the far side of the lake and in the bay at the widest part of the lake. This is really a stalking area and does not get used on a regular basis due to the distance from the house. To some degree redundant when a bait boat is used, but good access to the bay where many carp rest and feed. Water depth 3-5 feet.