Bait & Shop

Puyravaud stocks the bait you will need to maximise your chances of catching during your stay.  We stock three main boilie flavours, all of which are made specifically for us and not generally available. These are €14 per kilo. We also provide a range of pop ups, wafters and glugs as well as a particle/pellet mix for €20 per large bucket.

Please note, we do not allow guests to bring any boilies, particle, pellet or nut based products to use at Puyravaud – please refer to our Lake Rules for further details.

In addition, we stock a full range of Fox/Nash accessory products. From line to rigs to weights to boilie stops, from silicon tube to hooks to swivels you’ll find it all on site. We aim to supply everything in the shop at well under UK list price, so you will find us very competitive. Please support our efforts to provide this service, by buying accessories from us locally at Puyravaud when you arrive.

We have two bait boats for hire. A Waverunner Mk111 double hopper ideal for Heron and a Waverunner Atom which can be used on either Kingfisher or Heron. Boats are available at €110 per week (Saturday 4.00pm to Friday 6.00pm) or €30 per day.

In addition, we provide full hire of all equipment needed for up to 5 fishing guests. This package includes a bivvy, three Fox rods and reels, pod and bite alarms, day chair, bivvy table, lights, chucking stick, scales and other accessories to ensure you have everything you need to make your fishing trip successful – just bring you own end tackle. The price is €150 per week and gives you the option of flying in to local airports rather than coming to Puyravaud by car – a great alternative to driving down with your own gear. It is also possible to hire individual items by the week

  • Bivvie – 35 euros
  • Bed Chair – 25 euros
  • Day Chair – 15 euros
  • Rod Pod and alarms – 20 euros
  • Three Rods and Reels – 40 euros
  • Scales and tripod – 20 euros
  • Table – 10 euros
  • Light – 5 euros

All prices per week