Covid 19 – Latest Update, May 2020 – A LITTLE GOOD NEWS!


As from May 11th 2020, The French Government has started easing the lock down that has been in place since mid March. The country has been split into green (with very few Covid cases) and red (significant numbers of cases) zones and the restrictions for each zone vary.

As we are in Aquitaine, we are a green zone and therefore more restrictions have been lifted. Officially, fishing is now allowed in these green zones, particularly on private waters like Puyravaud Рsocial distancing measures still apply, but it means that we are able to open for business once again.

Obviously, as most of our customers are from the UK we need things to get better over there so you can travel safely through France, but at least there is a ray of hope that not all the season will be cancelled.

We will keep you informed on other developments as they happen.

We hope all of our customers are adjusting to the changes this week in the UK (or is it just England) and that you are, most importantly, staying safe!