Cath Reports 15 – 22nd July 2017


Kingfisher Lake

The Hands family, Pete, Rob and John arrived for their first visit to Puyravaud and enjoyed a weeks fishing to remember – 43.04M, 44.2GC, 39.15M, 32.15M, 27.11M, 43.15M, 41.03M, 47.2M, 48.4M, 53.14M, 54.14M, 48.12C, 50.5M, 52.15M, 42.08GC, 54.11M, 53.10M, 36.05GC, 42.00M, 45.04M, 37.13M.

21 fish Total Weight – 941.04lbs, Average Weight – 44.08lbs.

Some fantastic fish caught and PB’s all round + venue record grass carp of just over 44lbs! Not a bad week!!!!!!!

Heron Lake

Gary, Lee and Paul are visiting Puyravaud for the first time with their families on a two week holiday. They are fishing for a couple of hours in the mornings and evenings and are spending the ret of the time with family visiting the area and spending time by the pool – 25.7M, 34.8M, 28.9M, 41.7M, 21.9M. 29.8M, 30.6M, 20.9C, 23.5C, 39.9M, 30.3M, 34.6M, 31.5M, 34.8M, 26.2M, 29.7M, 23.5M, 29.7M, 23.6M.

19 Fish Total Weight – 561.6lbs Average Weight – 29.55lbs.

A little under our lake average for Heron, but good news is they have a second week to try and weedle out some of our bigger fish!