“Puyravaud is truly a gem, full of history, beautiful scenery with numerous hard fighting Carp. The lakes are wonderful, the welcome warm and if I had one criticism the accommodation is so nice and comfortable it’s hard to get up and go down to the lakes”.

– Presenter of Pursuit

“I have fished and filmed at hundreds of venues all over the World and extensively in France. Aside from the great action that we had in a very short period of time, the accommodation at Puyravaud is on a different level. If there was such a thing as boutique hotel meets holiday angling then this place is it”

‘Peter and Marion are fantastic hosts, the food is outstanding and the place is really beautiful. I get offered to film and fish at many venues for free but this is one place I’m booking for my own angling trip next year – and that’s only because I couldn’t get in this one”

– Lester Holcombe director and exec producer of Pursuit