After a good three day session we have completed the re-stocking of Kingfisher Lake. Those who regularly follow us will know that we put the first batch of fish back in the lake at the beginning of 2020 and the plan was always to follow that with a second stocking this year.

I am happy to say that we have added 15 lovely carp with a total weight of 618lbs and an average weight of 41lbs! This means we now have a total of 50 fish in the lake with an average weight of over 42lbs. Many thanks to Jim Paveley and Dave Thomas for their help in catching these fish.

All we need now are some customers to fish for these beautiful specimens!!!!!!!!!!!



Carl, Bella and daughter Madison arrived at Puyravaud in heavy rain with little idea of the session Carl was about to have.

Despite the weather, Carl had a brilliant start with a 61lb 13oz common, followed by a lake record grassy of 46lbs 9ozs. Two more good 40’s followed on day 1 with day 2 starting with a fantastic 62lbs 6oz lake record and PB common. A dream start that continued with fish all through week one of the trip.

Week 2 could not be anywhere near as good could it. Certainly it could! After bagging 32 fish, Carl managed another 33 in week 2 for a total weight of 2828lbs!!!!!!!! The largest weight ever caught at Puyravaud by a single angler. Average weight across the two weeks – a staggering 43.5lbs! Carl ended up with 5 x 60’s, 9 x 50’s and 27 x 40’s during his stay. Only 4 of his fish were under 30lb. Carl even caught our lake record common twice during his stay!!!! Top angling!

Simply a never to be repeated session that happened after over 20 years of fishing in France.



The Amery family are on their second trip to Puyravaud and straight away Carl was into some of our biggest fish.

First out was a 61.13lb mirror, followed quickly by a 46.9lb lake record grass carp. Two more big 40’s followed on day one before first fish out on day two was a 62.6lb lake record common. A further 6 fish between 34 and 47lb have been caught by the end of day 3 to ensure a fantastic start to the trip. The good news is there is still a week and a half left of the trip! Great angling Carl and two Heron Lake records in 24 hours!



Mark and Terry are frequent visitors to Puyravaud and their two week 2020 trip started well with some nice 50’s and a lot of good 40’s. Terry enjoyed a very nice PB with his first ever grass carp weighing in at over 42lbs. As usual with this type of carp, it was difficult to land but played nicely on the mat to allow a rare photo of these beautiful fish.

Well done Terry!



Mike and his family braved the latest quarantine rules and visited Puyravaud for the first time. Mike fished mornings and evenings only, spending the rest of the time around the pool with the rest of the Bebb clan.

Mike soon found himself into the fish and undoubtedly benefited from cooler temperatures. Sticking to a number of spots and baiting regularly certainly did the trick as Mike went looking to beat his PB of 52lbs.

In total Mike managed 31 fish, over a thousand pounds in weight, a new PB of 54lbs and a grassy PB of 42lbs 4ozs. That’s a pretty good week’s fishing by anyone’s standards, especially when you consider the average weight was over 36lbs.

The family enjoyed using the pool everyday and the youngsters even got into the act, fishing our little stream.



These Puyravaud regulars arrived to very hot temperatures but still managed to bag some lovely fish on the trip.

Badge waited for most of the trip before landing his PB of 61lbs 12ozs. Dave O bagged the most fish including yet another Puyravaud 60 for him.

Dave O with another Puyravaud 60

And finally, Dave L decided to fish Kingfisher and eventually found the fish with a best of 56lbs. It just shows that the lake knowledge gained by these guys from at least half a dozen trips really does pay off.


Tony gets his lake record champagne

In the last 10 days we have seen a new Common record and then a new lake record for Heron Lake. First, regular visitor, Kevin Watts used his strong knowledge of Heron to tempt a 60lb 4oz common out of Gaz & Geezers swim using an 18mm garlic and liver boilie topped with a 12mm pop up of the same flavour. This fish is the first 60+ common at our venue!

On Sunday 19th July the Broomhall group joined us for their second trip and Tony did not wait long for his first fish – a massive 64lb 7oz mirror that easily broke our current lake record. The same snowman set up caught this beauty as well.

We have also had a new grass carp lake record of 45lbs 2oz, so the records are tumbling as we get back into the season. The fish have obviously been enjoying the large amounts of carpet feed, we have been putting in during lockdown!

Kevin’s new common record 60.04lbs


Please note that with immediate effect, the price of our gear hire is 125 euros per person per week. We have kept the same price for the last 7 years, but we are seeing increases in the cost of various items included in the package. We endeavour to keep our gear high quality and therefore we have to pass on this price increase to our customers. Bait boat hire will also change to 110 euros per week.


We are happy to say that we will soon be receiving guests again! We want your trip to Puyravaud to be as safe as possible in the current climate and therefore we are publishing these guidelines to help. Although we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of both our guest properties, we will doing even more to ensure the properties are fully sanitised in between each set of guests. During 2020, we will adhere strictly to a 9.00am check out and 5.00pm check in times, to allow us maximum time to deep clean the properties. Please help us by leaving promptly and not arriving before the correct check in time.

What We Will Do For You

  1. Ensure your property has been deep cleaned to the latest guidelines published by the French Tourism Authority.
  2. We will provide initial supplies of hand wipes, disinfectant, paper towels, hand soap and anti-bacterial hand sanitiser in the property.
  3. De-clutter the property to minimise potential spread of bacteria.
  4. Provide a normal Puyravaud outside (if possible) welcome but at a distance of 1M+.
  5. Practice safe distancing in all contact with you during your stay.
  6. Ensure all outdoor furniture and sunbeds are sanitised at the end of each week.
  7. As usual, we supply all unhooking mats, weigh slings and landing nets.

What We Ask You To Do

  1. Agree to a non contact digital temperature test on arrival (in the unlikely event that any individual shows a red result, we ask that you visit the nearest doctor or hospital depending on the time of arrival). This is as per best practice advice from the French Government.
  2. Bring sufficient supply of face masks to be used when shopping or visiting sites away from Puyravaud. (The Charente is a green zone with very few cases of Covid 19, but it is considered best practice to wear a mask whilst shopping, entering and leaving restaurants and when it is difficult to practice safe distancing).
  3. Practice safe distancing during your stay at Puyravaud.
  4. Regularly clean high traffic areas in your gites during your stay.
  5. Wash your hands regularly.
  6. At the end of your stay, please strip all used beds and put linen into the bags provided.
  7. Clean all used kitchen utensils in the dishwasher during your stay.

Here’s to an enjoyable and safe stay at Puyravaud. We look forward to welcoming you!


So things are definitely looking more positive!

Fishing is definitely allowed in France as from May 11th and now restaurants and bars can open from June 2nd, provided strict social distancing measures are in place. Also we are hearing that the tourist industry is being allowed to open from June 22nd in France. So everything looks in place for the July/August holidays being open for customers this year after all. Good News!

All we need now is for Boris NOT to put an unworkable 14 day quarantine for everyone entering the UK and your holiday to Puyravaud should be back on. We will have to have certain social distancing measures in place, so it will not be completely normal, but at least the news looks positive at this stage. Remember, France is probably 3 weeks ahead of the UK with deaths consistently under 100 for some weeks now. Add to that the fact that we are in a green zone where there are very few cases and the picture is looking rosy compared to a few weeks ago.

Watch this space for more info as news develops on this over the next few days.