Ian came back to Puyravaud for a second time with friends Graham, Mike and Jason. Whilst they fished Heron Lake, Ian had a go at our Kingfisher Lake for the first time.

It proved to be a great decision with regular catches throughout the week. Fish were caught during day and night as Ian started in match fishing style to get some nice fish on the bank. Developing his approach as the week progressed proved fruitful as the fish got bigger as a result. Following a number of 40’s and 30’s the 50’s started to appear as Ian introduced some pink garlic pop ups to tempt some of the bigger fish.

By the end of the week, Ian had managed to get 15 fish on the bank made up of 3 x 30’s, 8 x 40’s, 3 x 50’s and a beautiful 61.8lb mirror for a magnificent PB and first ever 60lb+ fish.  Over 685lbs in total weight and an average of well over 45lbs, shows just what a great stock of fish exist in this lovely 2.75 acre lake.

A super result for Ian, fishing on his own and proving beyond doubt that Kingfisher is fishing back to its best. We are simply chuffed its producing some lovely fish on a regular basis.

Well done Ian!!!!!!!!



During the visit by Pieter, Jacob and Margaret a new lake record was confirmed on Kingfisher Lake. In a week where Pieter and Jacob landed 11 fish for 518lbs, Jacob bagged a beautiful 64.1lb mirror to increase the lake record by over half a pound. Their catch included the 60 plus 4 x 50’s and 4 x 40’s to end up with an average weight of well over 47lbs.

A superb weeks fishing which saw multiple PB’s for both anglers.


Unfortunately, we are having to raise all bait prices for the 2022 season. As a result, boilie prices will rise to 13 euros per kilo and our mixed particle and pellet buckets will increase to 20 euros per large bucket. Our suppliers are seeing significant increases in their raw material prices and are having to pass these increases on.

Hopefully things will calm down later this year, but we are expecting this may not be the only increase this year with inflation pressures running high for the foreseeable future.



Kevin, Chris and Charlie returned for yet another tilt at Heron Lake with Chris R trying his luck on Kingfisher Lake this time round. Weather was pretty cold for the time of year with signs the fish were moving into deeper water. Fishing was reasonably tough, but effort was rewarded with some quality fish. Kevin caught our big common for the 5th time………….yes the 5th time. Weighing in at 65.10lbs, this represented a new PB and was soon followed up with a 64.4 mirror. Not to be out done Chris chimed in with his own PB – a 65.4 mirror making it three good 60’s in the week! 9 fish in total for an average weight of 51lbs+!

On Kingfisher, Chris R was also having a quality week with a 56.12 mirror to kick things off followed by three other 50’s, the largest of which tipped the scales at just over 59lbs. 8 fish in total with an average weight of over 47lbs. Really great to see this lake back to its best, getting fished regularly and producing some lovely results. All the hard work renovating this lake over 2 years has paid off and 2022 should be a great year on Kingfisher.

All in all, a very encouraging week with 17 fish caught and an average weight of 49lbs 15ozs. Have to be very pleased with that given the quality of the catches. All 4 anglers went away happy and will be back multiple times in 2022.



James travelled to France for the first time to fish Puyravaud’s Heron Lake as part of the Plume group of 10. Fishing with his angling mate Rob, little did they know what a week was ahead.

Arriving with a mid 20’s PB, this 16 year old carp fishing nut started with a 36lb PB, Rob also breaking his previous best of 43lb with his first ever 50lb fish. James continued to catch and soon had his first 50, followed by a stunning final PB of 57.9lbs.

The duo managed 33 fish in total, over 1338lbs in weight and an average weight of 40.54lbs. Quite a first trip to France for James and one that might take a few trips to beat. Well done to Rob and James.

See you when you return in August 2023.


Finally, the British Government sees sense and takes France of the Amber+ list. Perhaps the Cabinet have had a geography lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So no need to quarantine on your return if you are double jabbed. Hope to see you all soon.


Peter & Marion


We have just heard the news that UK visitors to France must once again self isolate on their return to the UK. This after everyone was expecting normal travel starting on the 19th July. We have long given up trying to understand the actions of the UK Government who are dealing with 50,000 cases a day compared to Frances 4000 cases a day. Despite these numbers the UK feels justified in maintaining the quarantine rules for double jabbed people returning JUST from France, not the rest of Europe – JUST France. My mind says this has to be political and not health based at a time when all restrictions are being lifted in the UK with cases totally out of control – where is the common sense?

This measure will undoubtedly sound the death knell for many French travel industry businesses that rely on UK visitors.

For our part, we can no longer afford to move dates to 2022 and beyond as the impact on our business is just too great and we have precious little availability left, particularly on Heron Lake with our barn accommodation. Like many businesses in our sector, we have suffered sustained losses over the last 15-18 months and we are unable to move another block of dates at Boris Johnson’s wim!

Please ensure that you have proper travel insurance to cover Covid delays as we cannot be held responsible for yet another set of measures beyond our control.

We are sorry to finally announce this, but it is this or go into liquidation!


As a result of the UK Government announcement that from the 19th July 2021, double vaccinated people will NOT have to self isolate on their return from France, we will no longer be offering change of dates for Covid reasons.

When you book with us we will make this clear and that balances are due 16 weeks before your travel date. Once your deposit is received we are unable to accept any further change in dates. Failure to pay the balance on time will lead to a cancellation of your trip and loss of your deposit. It is the customers responsibility to seek out proper travel insurance that covers such an eventuality and Puyravaud Carp Fishing cannot be held in any way liable for any cancellations caused by reasons outside of their control.

The last 18 months have been extremely difficult for us and we are taking this step to ensure the business can continue into 2022. We have previously moved trips where possible to help our customers, but continuing issues have meant it is impossible for us to match customer expectations in every instance whilst maintaining a business that can support itself.



Rumour has it that the lesser spotted English carp fisherman has been seen in a remote part of the Charente for the first time in quite a long while!

Yes it’s true – Mark and Terry have made their way to Puyravaud as our first guests of the season. Weather has been changeable and the fishing a bit up and down for their first few days but today things came alive for Terry. Just two fish, but two record breaking fish.

First a lake record and PB grass carp of 48lbs, followed early this evening by a stunning 66lb 7oz mirror – a new overall PB for Terry by 10lbs and the largest mirror ever caught at Puyravaud. No pictures as Terry is getting on in years and did not want to get into the water for a photo. However, the fish was weighed and verified by me as the true weight before being returned to the water safely.

Instead here is one of Mark with a nice 42lb grass carp earlier in the trip. The grass carp are obviously on the feed as this is the 4th one they have caught in just a few days. Not unusual to see multiple catches of this type of fish at this time of the year, but we only have 4 in Heron and they always seem to get caught from mid June to mid July before disappearing for another year. Mark and Terry still have another 10 days of their trip, so plenty of time to try and get a few more nice fish on the bank.


After a good three day session we have completed the re-stocking of Kingfisher Lake. Those who regularly follow us will know that we put the first batch of fish back in the lake at the beginning of 2020 and the plan was always to follow that with a second stocking this year.

I am happy to say that we have added 15 lovely carp with a total weight of 618lbs and an average weight of 41lbs! This means we now have a total of 50 fish in the lake with an average weight of over 42lbs. Many thanks to Jim Paveley and Dave Thomas for their help in catching these fish.

All we need now are some customers to fish for these beautiful specimens!!!!!!!!!!!