11/05 – 18/05

Despite lots of heavy showers cooling things down we caught prolifically throughout the week. As usual the accommodation was superb and since the new owners Steve and Kelly have taken over its somehow got even better!! Great hosts, nothing is too much trouble. Looking forward to the next visit already.

Chris, Kevin and Chas


18/05 – 25/05

We had Jamie, Adam, Brad and the family here with us this week. The boys had to deal with rain all almost all week and the fish spawning which made it difficult. They managed to land 20 fish in total with 2x new PB’s and another 70 coming out. A great week all round the girls loved it and the men all with big smiles. All booked to come back next year already.


55lb m, 58lb m, 73lb m, 38lb g, 47lb c, 46lb g, 55lb m, 41lb c, 30lb c, 57lb m, 43lb m, 42lb m, 45lb g, 26lb c, 54lb c, 44lb c, 50lb c, 38lb m, 43lb c, 38lb m,




05/ – 12/08

Lovely Chris and Tina with us on Kingfisher this week. The guys had a tough week, Kingfisher not fishing as well as Heron at the mo. They battled away and managed to have 5 fish out. Already booked to come back 2024 & 2025. It was an absolute pleasure to have you guys, see you soon.

Catch report:

43:8c, 35:4m, 41:3m, 27:8m, 43:9c


29th – 5th Aug

What a fantastic week weve had with Aaron, Ben, Justin, Charlie + family and friends. The guys had 30 fish out over both lakes with a couple of 60’s and 4 new PB’s. The kids all played together lovely and didnt leave the pool. They loved the cast in a bucket game with George, Rosie and Emilia all hitting the spot. Thanks for a lovely week guys, we look forward to seeing you hopefully next year.

Catch report:


41:5m 60:2m 49:8m 33:1c 28m 33:3c 30:5m 42:12m 37:5c 31m 35m 34:1m 45m 32m 33m 38:14g 33:3m 48:4m 30m 62:1m 36:16m 56m 40c 52g 40c 49:14m


6th – 13th May

Wow! What a week for the boys on Heron Lake. Martin, Colin and Paul managed to have 39 fish out with 4x 60+. Lovely wonderful guests, it was a pleasure to have you here with us. Cant wait to see you again.

Catch Report:

46:11m, 52:8m, 38:4m, 48:4m, 49:8m, 52:5c, 63:2c, 42m, 52:3m, 32:11m, 21:3m 49:9c, 49m, 32:6m, 24:11m, 50:4m, 60:9m, 42:2m, 63:8m, 38:4m, 35m, 52:9m, 34:2m, 34:7m, 45:5m,

22:8c,39:7m, 42:7m, 44:9c, 53:6m, 49:11m, 52m, 48:4c, 25c, 50:2m, 37:11m, 41:5c, 62:4m, 36m




6th – 13th May

First timers this week on Kingfisher lake for Paul and Marcus. What an absolute pleasure to have you here with us. Was a tough week for the boys started slowly but they soon managed to start pulling fish out. 11 fish out going up to 60+ with both smashing there PB’s. Cant wait to see you again next year gents.

Catch report:

54m, 44:15m, 35m, 52m, 46:4m, 29:3c, 48m, 42:6c, 60:4m, 51:9c, 52:8m


This week we had the pleasure of Kevin & Matthew Ind  and their lovely family here at Puyravaud. We had a lovely time in their company and the kids made wonderful little friendships. The boys managed to have 34 fish out and Mat smashing his PB with a whopping 64:4lb common. The weights of the fish were incredible. Fantastic angling gents!

32:2M, 45:6M, 34:12C, 53M, 38:8M, 37:4C, 44:4M, 39:8M, 31:2C, 41M, 32:6M, 64:4C, 57:2M, 30:6M, 30:4M, 38:8G, 38:6M, 51:12M, 52lbM, 38:4M, 37:8M, 38:8M, 32M, 42:2M, 46:12M, 29:8M, 42:6M, 32:2M, 47:12C, 42C, 30C, 42:2C, 36C, 35:8C


We had returning guests Nino Cappuccini, Mark Cappuccini and Charlie Cappuccini this week (granddad, son and grandson). Nino’s wife Mandy even managed to bag herself a 48:6lb common. All three of them smashed there PB’S which was fantastic. All gone home very happy fisherman.

61:1M, 50C, 33:5M, 44C, 44:5M, 51:13M, 34:5C, 46:9C, 29:5C, 31:4M, 38:9M, 48:6C, 46:9C, 52:5C, 42:5C, 29:2G, 58:6M, 28:6C


To all our wonderful customers and friends,

Marion and I have made the very difficult decision to move on to the next phase of our lives and sell Puyravaud.

Over the last couple of years, we have been looking for the right family to come in and take over what is a very special place to us.  It needed to be someone special, who would continue to run the business whilst developing Puyravaud further into one of France’s top carp fishing venues with accommodation.

We are very pleased to introduce you to the new owners, Steve and Kelly Rothberg, their children Bella and Emelia, and their beautiful German Shepherd Luna.  The whole family are keen carp anglers.

Last week they moved into Puyravaud and are currently busy settling in, whilst preparing for their first busy season.

For all those of you with confirmed bookings, please rest assured that these are still in place and full details have been passed over to Steve and Kelly. They intend to continue all the services you are used to from us including gear hire, airport runs, food and bait provision and are already looking at ways to improve what Puyravaud has to offer.

We will be closely involved in the handover to ensure the smooth transition to Steve and Kelly. It is very refreshing for us to see the enthusiasm shown by them as they settle into their new lives and plan to make their first season a great success.

Steve and Kelly will obviously be in touch with each of you in the next few weeks and as your holidays approach.  They will of course be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Marion and I would like to thank all our customers, past, present, and future, for helping us make Puyravaud a ‘go to’ carp fishing destination in France.  We have had a fantastic 17 years and met some wonderful friends along the way. The memories will be with us for the rest of our lives!

Thank you all  and please see Steve and Kelly’s contact details below.

Peter and Marion


Steve and Kelly Rothberg

House phone 07866 55384

e-mail = info@puyravaudcarp.com