Heron Lake

Simon visiting Puyravaud for the first time on a family holiday, only fished 80 hours in two weeks – 47.0M, 42.0M, 42.12C, 43.0GC, 36.15GC

5 fish, Total Weight – 211.05lbs, Average Weight – 42,21lbs

Started to see some crayfish activity which is unusual for us, but catch reports are down on normal so maybe this is contributing. Will investigate further now I am back from UK.

Simon has booked to return in 2024

Kingfisher Lake

Regan and Trevor visiting with wives for first time – 48.0M

A very bad trip for two experienced visitors to France. Again seeing crayfish activity after some terrible electrical storms and floods from further up the tributary. Have booked to return in 2024.


Heron lake

Steve and Charlie back for a second trip to Puyravaud, trip hampered by temperatures up to 41 degrees!!!!!!!! Started on Kingfisher and finished with three days on Heron as they were looking for a little more shade!

42.0C, 57.12M, 46.4M

3 Fish, Total Weight – 145.4lbs Average Weight – 48.46lbs

Kingfisher Lake

Steve and Charlie spent the first three days on Kingfisher – 55.12M, 46.4M, 51.6M, 46.2M, 46.6M

5 Fish, Total Weight – 246.5lbs, Average Weight – 49.3lbs

The guys did very well to tease out some fish in the heat and they picked some nice fish. Good average weights considering time of year and conditions. 8 fish a good result.



Heron Lake

Tom returned to Puyravaud for the second time, this time with family – 27.2M, 42.2M, 30.14GC, 38.0GC, 33.7M, 48.6C, 34.6M, 44.2M, 42.2M, 27.0M, 30.0C, 49.12M, 45.8M, 29.0C, 33.0C, 43.10M, 18.0C, 36,0M, 25.0C, 26.0M, 34.0C

21 fish, Total Weight – 738.8lbs, Average Weight – 35.18lbs

A good number of fish caught but nothing over 50lbs – unusual!!!!! but PB’s for James and Simon, so 2 out of 3 still not bad!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

The Broomhalls and Sopers visited again for their third trip to Puyravaud, this time spread our across the two lakes – 32.09M, 39.03C, 41.08GC, 32.0M, 34.0C, 46.05GC, 40.0C, 43.08M, 43.12C, 44.04M, 30.0C, 45.01GC, 48.12M, 48.13M, 33.0M, 43.0M, 28.0M, 29.0M

18 Fish, Total Weight – 675.4lbs, Average Weight – 37.52lbs.

Kingfisher lake

Matt and Anthony on this lake – 37.02C, 54.6M, 49.11M, 35.14M, 45.11C, 37.14M

6 fish, Total Weight – 260.41lbs, Average Weight – 43.4lbs

Not many of our biggest fish seen this week on either lake, but some PB’s for Darren and Barry.


Heron Lake

Ian and the Stoke on Trent crew arrived for their first visit fishing both lakes – 40.0M, 46.0M, 46.0M, 27.0C, 48.4M, 60.4M, 44.0M, 44.0M, 41.0M, 42.0M, 38.0M, 42.0M, 44.0C, 35,0M, 41.03M, 44,12M, 32.07GC, 28.03M, 32.11M, 52.07M, 28.05M

21 Fish, Total Weight – 858.8lbs, Average Weight – 40.9lbs

A pretty good week all round with multiple PB’s for all anglers.

Kingfisher Lake

51.8M, 48.11M, 36.4M, 54.8M, 35.0M

5 Fish, Total Weight – 226.7lbs, Average Weight – 45.34lbs

A tough early part of the week for Ryan and Andy, but some fish emerged later in the week. Again more PB’s.

All 5 anglers went home with PB’s – not a bad result all round.


Heron Lake

Chrissy, Paul, Dan and Jade returned to Puyravaud, this time to fish both lakes – Dan and Jade on Heron – 31.7M, 35.6M. 39.8GC, 31.7M, 56.7M, 50.5M, 49.5M, 22.8C, 38.9M, 48.0M, 46.8M, 37.6M,

12 fish, Total Weight – 488.6lbs, Average Weight – 40.71lbs

A big PB for Jade and Grassy PB for Dan.


Kingfisher Lake

Chrissy and Paul on this lake for the first time – 30.0M, 43.4M, 52.0M, 53.4M, 28.10M, 48.4C, 38.8M, 31.8M, 32.10M, 59.0M, 40.0M, 45.14M, 38.2C, 36.12M 43.10M, 48.0M, 35.14M, 55.9M, 43.2M

20 Fish, Total Weight – 803.6lbs, Average Weight – 40.2lbs

Smashed it – one of the best results from Kingfisher ever……………multiple PB’s for both anglers and first ever 50’s for 3 out of 4 anglers across both lakes. A pretty good result.


Heron Lake

Dave, Pete, Barry and terry visited Puyravaud for the very first time – 51.0C, 53.0C, 38.0M, 30.0M, 43.0M, 32.0M

6 Fish, Total weight – 245lbs, Average weight – 40.33lbs

A very disappointing week for the guys as the fish decided to spawn. Nothing to be done except enjoy Puyravaud and the lovely weather. Sorry guys!!!!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

Graham, Mike, Jason and Ian returned to Puyravaud for a second visit. Ian fished Kingfisher whilst the others fished Heron – 38.2GC, 38.0M, 46.6M, 38.2C, 30.4M, 47.10M, 49.10C, 46.8M, 48.8M, 57.14M, 51.8M, 30.4C, 33.3M, 37.8M, 48.4C, 49.12M, 23.6C, 43.10M, 38.6M, 23.0M, 46.8M, 39.5M, 31.8M, 44.4C, 39.10GC, 58.8M, 48.4M, 42.10M, 38.6C, 32.10M, 42.5GC

31 fish, Total Weight – 1287.4lbs, Average Weight – 41.52lbs

A good weeks fishing that started very well and got much tougher. Nevertheless, some good results and PB’s along the way.

Kingfisher Lake

Ian fishing the lake solo for the first time – 39.14M, 49.05M, 51.11M, 46.8M, 46.6M, 39.4M, 44.8C, 40.6C, 32.3M, 41.3M, 41.13M, 61.8M, 50.14M, 43.10M, 54.01M

15 fish, Total Weight – 685.1lbs, Average Weight – 45.67lbs

A tremendous weeks fishing for Ian including a wonderful PB and first 60+ fish ever. Success with bottom baits during the early part of the week, changing to adding a bright pink garlic pop up for the bigger fish at the end of the week. Well done sir!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heron Lake

Kevin and Andy made another long haul from the North West – 48.3C, 50.2M, 52.8M, 50.4C, 45.0C, 48.3M, 33.0M, 43.5C, 29.2M, 47.3M 52.0M, 56.4M, 41.0M, 35.0C, 26.0M, 35.0C, 62.8M, 51.0M, 35.0M, 65.3C, 48.2C, 38.7GC, 59.4M, 30.4C

24 Fish, Total Weight – 1084lbs, Average Weight – 45.16lbs

A great week for both guys with multiple PB’s, some nice 50’s and 60’s as well as a great average weight.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

Kevin and Chris here once again to try and get some PB’s – 34.5M, 49.0C, 43.5M, 33.5M, 48,5M, 42.0M. 40.0M, 64.2M, 45.8M, 63.13C, 48.11C, 45.0M, 39.12M, 51.7C, 57.1M, 56.7M, 45.10C, 22.4M, 33.15C, 33.15GC, 41.10M, 45.7C, 51.7M

23 fish, Total Weight – 1038.7lbs, Average Weight – 45.16lbs

A cracking week with some lovely fish coming out. Great week for Chris with his first ever 60’s and an average weight of just over 47lbs. 2 x 60’s, 4 x 50’s and 6 x 40’s in his 16 fish haul.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished