Heron Lake

The Poole Family of 16 with 6 anglers fishing both lakes and visiting for the first time – 43.6GC, 51.10M, 45.8C, 43.11M, 40.3M, 33.4M, 54.6M, 54.12M, 49.10C, 50.6M, 42.6M, 34.12C, 37.8C, 47.9M, 45.00C, 48.0M, 44.12M, 21.0M, 28.4M, 28.12M, 33.10M, 36.12M, 40.8M, 51.8C.

26 fish, Total Weight – 1009.7lbs, Average Weight – 40.4lbs

A very good week considering the extreme heat all week. Multiple PB’s contributed to a great weeks angling.

Kingfisher Lake

39.4M, 40.0M, 41.11C, 46.6M, 47.9M, 48.8M, 49.4M, 53.6M, 27.4M, 33,8M, 36.12M, 35.11M, 38.11M, 43.3M, 24.2M, 46.2C, 50.8M, 49.0M

18 fish, Total Weight – 752.62lbs, Average Weight – 41.8lbs

A fantastic week on Kingfisher for Den and Brad, especially considering the weather.

Overall and considering the very hot weather – a wonderful week of fishing! Average weight across 44 fish is over 41lbs!!!!!!!! Pretty incredible for our little old fishery.

Customers happy, owners happy – all we need now is some rain and lots of it!


Heron Lake

Stuart and Lee visiting with family for the first time, very much a family holiday with a bit of fishing – 25.6M, 33.15M, 40.2M, 38.0C, 41.0M

5 Fish, Total Weight – 1787.7lbs, Average Weight – 35.74lbs

Very slow week with the heat, but lots of family time and only a few nights fished with no days.

Kingfisher Lake

Ryan here for his first visit with his two daughters, fished nights only – 51.6M, 59.7M, 39.10C, 52.0M, 45.6M

5 fish, Total Weight – 248.5lbs, Average Weight – 49.7lbs

A super first week at Puyravaud for Ryan with a new PB of just under 60lbs and some nice supporting fish. Had another decent fish to the net before a hook pull as well. A nice average weight across the 5 fish.


Please note that from 12th August 2022 our boilie prices have gone up to 14 euros per kilo. Unfortunately, our supplier is passing on their material cost increases to us and we have to do the same. The cost of transporting all the boilie ingredients has obviously gone up at the same time and made this price increase necessary. The price of a 5kg bag of boilies will be 70 euros.


After a lot of hard work removing crayfish , we are starting to get back to some sort of normal!!!!!!

Heron Lake

Aaron back with party of 11 for a second trip, fishing nights only and spending days with family – 29.12M, 28.0M, 37.8M, 32,8C, 41.8M, 50.5M, 43.0M, 50.8M, 32.0C, 42.0M, 30.0M, 31.0C, 20.0C, 25.0M, 58.8M, 30.0M, 30.0M, 28.0M, 60.7M, 44.0M, 53.0M, 42.0C, 51.0C, 34.0C, 25.8M, 34.0M, 42.8M

27 fish, Total Weight – 1028.6lbs,  Average Weight – 38.09lbs

PB’s for both Charlie and Justin and a good haul from Heron this week.

Kingfisher Lake

Aaron and Ben on this lake – 35.0M, 41.3C, 48.13M, 42.11C, 52.5M, 44.0M, 43.1M, 52.8M, 26.5C, 48.8M

10 fish, Total Weight – 435.01lbs, Average Weight – 43.5lbs

A decent week and approaching normal again, could have been so much better had they landed 5 other runs!

All in all, a pretty good week all round and the hard work removing crayfish is starting to pay off.


Heron lake

Scott and group arrived for first trip to Puyravaud, despite the best efforts of Ryanair with cancelled flights causing late arrival for half the group – 42.0M, 45.0GC, 41.0M, 36.0M, 42.0GC, 40.0M

6 fish, Total Weight – 246.0lbs, Average Weight – 41.0lbs

PB’s for all 4 anglers so great first visit, but catch reports still lower than normal. Starting to remove crayfish to reduce impact.

Kingfisher Lake

Fished for three days but not catches.


Heron Lake

Simon visiting Puyravaud for the first time on a family holiday, only fished 80 hours in two weeks – 47.0M, 42.0M, 42.12C, 43.0GC, 36.15GC

5 fish, Total Weight – 211.05lbs, Average Weight – 42,21lbs

Started to see some crayfish activity which is unusual for us, but catch reports are down on normal so maybe this is contributing. Will investigate further now I am back from UK.

Simon has booked to return in 2024

Kingfisher Lake

Regan and Trevor visiting with wives for first time – 48.0M

A very bad trip for two experienced visitors to France. Again seeing crayfish activity after some terrible electrical storms and floods from further up the tributary. Have booked to return in 2024.


Heron lake

Steve and Charlie back for a second trip to Puyravaud, trip hampered by temperatures up to 41 degrees!!!!!!!! Started on Kingfisher and finished with three days on Heron as they were looking for a little more shade!

42.0C, 57.12M, 46.4M

3 Fish, Total Weight – 145.4lbs Average Weight – 48.46lbs

Kingfisher Lake

Steve and Charlie spent the first three days on Kingfisher – 55.12M, 46.4M, 51.6M, 46.2M, 46.6M

5 Fish, Total Weight – 246.5lbs, Average Weight – 49.3lbs

The guys did very well to tease out some fish in the heat and they picked some nice fish. Good average weights considering time of year and conditions. 8 fish a good result.



Heron Lake

Tom returned to Puyravaud for the second time, this time with family – 27.2M, 42.2M, 30.14GC, 38.0GC, 33.7M, 48.6C, 34.6M, 44.2M, 42.2M, 27.0M, 30.0C, 49.12M, 45.8M, 29.0C, 33.0C, 43.10M, 18.0C, 36,0M, 25.0C, 26.0M, 34.0C

21 fish, Total Weight – 738.8lbs, Average Weight – 35.18lbs

A good number of fish caught but nothing over 50lbs – unusual!!!!! but PB’s for James and Simon, so 2 out of 3 still not bad!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

The Broomhalls and Sopers visited again for their third trip to Puyravaud, this time spread our across the two lakes – 32.09M, 39.03C, 41.08GC, 32.0M, 34.0C, 46.05GC, 40.0C, 43.08M, 43.12C, 44.04M, 30.0C, 45.01GC, 48.12M, 48.13M, 33.0M, 43.0M, 28.0M, 29.0M

18 Fish, Total Weight – 675.4lbs, Average Weight – 37.52lbs.

Kingfisher lake

Matt and Anthony on this lake – 37.02C, 54.6M, 49.11M, 35.14M, 45.11C, 37.14M

6 fish, Total Weight – 260.41lbs, Average Weight – 43.4lbs

Not many of our biggest fish seen this week on either lake, but some PB’s for Darren and Barry.