Heron Lake

Andy and Mark back at Puyravaud for a second visit – 50.3C, 40.4M, 51.8C, 55.0M, 57.0M, 44.10M, 34.8M, 22.0M, 46.0M, 30.5M, 22.0M, 55.5M, 53.8M,38.6C, 34.2C, 41.8M, 47.8C

17 Fish, Total Weight – 726.1lbs, Average Weight – 42.71lbs

a good week for Andy and Mark with some nice fish and a decent average weight.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished

Last guests of the season – see you all again next year. Stay safe.


Heron Lake

Kevin and Matty arrived with their family for a first trip to Puyravaud – 46.6M, 57.2M, 47.4M, 37.11C, 46.9M, 45.5M, 28.8M, 38.12M, 34.5M

9 fish, Total Weight – 383.4lbs, Average Weight – 42.6lbs

Some good quality fish and two nice PB’s for Kevin and Matty. Family really enjoyed the trip and they have booked to return in 2023.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

Kevin, Chris and Charlie back for yet another visit – 53.15M, 47.05C, 65.10C, 64.03M, 39.01C, 52.09M, 37.15C, 46.00C, 65.04M

9 Fish, Total Weight – 471.12lbs, Average Weight – 52.35lbs

What a week for Kevin and Chris – both got new PB’s, 3 fish over 60lbs and the highest ever average weight from Heron Lake. A real quality carp catching week!

Kingfisher Lake

Chris Roberts back on Kingfisher for a week this time – 56.12M, 44.00C, 59.0M, 44.1M, 27.8C, 39.6M, 50.4M, 56.6M

8 fish, Total Weight – 378.2lbs, Average Weight – 47.28lbs

Great week for Chris, some lovely 50’s, Kingfisher is really back to its best now after some consistent catches over the last few months. Great to see it fished regularly again and producing regular high quality results.

Puyravaud delivered 17 fish this week – 3 x 60’s, 6 x 50’s and 4 x 40’s (13 fish over 40lbs) with an average weight of 49.15lbs……………!!!!!!!!!!! Our best ever result in terms of size of fish.


Heron Lake

Barry Clarke back for his second visit, this time with son Martin and friend Paul – 43.0M, 36.0M, 28.0C, 44.0M, 35.0M, 31.0M, 45.12M, 44.0M, 35.0M, 43.0C, 29.0M, 48.0M, 41.0GC, 41.0M, 32.0M, 38.0M, 46.0M, 40.0M, 50.4M

19 Fish, Total Weight – 750.2lbs, Average Weight – 39.48lbs

Kingfisher Lake

Scott, Jordan and Ike arrived for the first trip to Puyravaud – 39.00M, 32.10M, 44.06M, 55.08M, 46.15M, 40.14M, 54.11M, 39.09M, 50.02M, 42.10C, 36.05C, 40.08M, 46.06M, 40.07M

15 fish, Total Weight – 654.07lbs, Average Weight – 43.65lbs

An excellent first trip for all three, with PB’s all round. Some nice 50’s for Scott and a good average weight across 15 fish. Kingfisher on form again – nice to see!


Heron Lake

Terry and Mark back for another two week stay, here’s their first weeks report – 44.6M, 64.4M, 53.0M, 31.0M

4 fish, Total Weight – 193.0lbs, Average Weight – 48.25lbs

The strangest week ever on Heron. Last week 40 fish, this week only 4. High pressure may have caused the change, but Heron is normally bomb proof and delivers double figures of fish.

Kingfisher Lake

Richard back with Tina for their second visit – 48.11M, 57.4M, 40.6M, 49.0M, 54.8M, 46.3C

6 Fish, Total Weight – 296.8lbs, Average Weight – 49.46lbs

Some nice fish for Richard and one of our highest average weights on this lake for a long time. Great to see this lake consistently yielding some good fish. First time ever that Kingfisher has out fished Heron in a week!!!!!!!!!


Heron Lake

Russ, Dave and Michelle returning for their 4th trip with Dan (Russ’s Son) here for his first ever trip to France – 43.5M, 28.5M, 55.0M, 45.0M, 44.0M, 51.0M, 32.0C, 47.0M, 36.5C, 43.5M, 44.9C, 35.0C, 43.4M, 62.5M, 32.0GC, 49.5M, 43.5M, 40.0GC, 48.0M, 43.0C, 41.5C, 39.0M, 45.0M, 22.5M, 42.0M, 35.0C, 49.5C, 30.0M. 45.0M, 33.0M, 33.5M, 29.0M, 55.0M, 37.5C, 37.0M, 37.5C, 40.0GC, 31.5M, 30.0M, 45.0GC

40 Fish, Total Weight – 1626.3lbs, Average Weight – 40.66lbs

A great weeks fishing all round, Dan on his very first trip to France arrived with a sub 20lb PB and joined the Puyravaud 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s club all on his very first visit – never been done before. PB’s for Michelle as well. A great week!

Kingfisher Lake

Dan arrived for a very late booking for just 3 days of fishing – 55.5M, 45.2M, 40.2M, 58.9M

4 fish, Total Weight – 199.8lbs, Average Weight – 49.95lbs

Dan booked just three days before his arrival to try and beat his PB of 44lbs – a tall order with just 3 days of fishing, but had two special fish to beat his PB twice on the trip. Well done Dan!


Heron Lake

Short second week for Kevin as he only fished 4 days and left early Friday – 53.8M, 47.7M, 36.14C, 55.8M, 38.8M, 54.11M, 44.6C, 58.11M, 53.10M, 35.10M, 28.2C

11 fish, Total Weight – 508.0lbs, Average Weight – 46.18lbs

A very good second week for Kevin, particularly as he fished only 4 days. Some nice 50’s caught.

Kingfisher Lake

Keith and Gary’s first visit to Puyravaud with Joan – 32.8M, 38.8C, 39.12M, 50.2M, 46.0M, 46.2C, 30.2M

7 fish, Total Weight – 284.1lbs, Average Weight – 40.58lbs

Slightly disappointing as some of the smaller fish in the lake made a showing, but still an average of over 40lbs. Shows Kingfisher is producing every week now which is just what we want.


Heron Lake

Kevin and Sue are back for yet another two week stay -week 1 catch report – 53.7M, 46.1M, 42.5M, 38.0C, 37.11C, 46.2M, 53.7C, 47.7M, 36.14C, 55.8M

10 fish, Total Weight – 458.3lbs, Average Weight – 45.83lbs

A return to form for Kevin after a difficult trip last time around. Some lovely fish and a great average weight for week 1. All fish caught between 9.00am and 7.00pm.

Kingfisher Lake

Geoff, George and Richie visiting Puyravaud for the first time – 54.3M, 41.2M, 54.5M, 42.0M, 53.7M, 28.5M

6 fish, Total Weight – 274.2lbs, Average Weight – 45.62lbs

PB’s all round for these first timers, but could have been so much better had they landed the 4 other solid runs they had. That’s fishing, but look forward to seeing them back to try and improve their PB’s again! We had a run of 18 fish on the trot over 40lbs in two weeks fishing. Kingfisher is back!


Heron Lake

Rob and James on first visit to Puyravaud as part of the Plume group – 40.10M, 16.0C, 52.10M, 46.0C, 28.0M, 30.0M, 45.0M, 46.0M, 51.5M, 27.9M, 54.9M, 47.10M, 40.0C, 36.0M, 46.5M, 31.0C, 40.0C, 26.0M, 33.10M, 42.0M, 36.0M, 49.0C, 39.0C, 57.9M, 44.0M, 49.4M, 27.0M, 42.9C, 47.10C, 41.0M, 34.10M, 47.0M, 43.12M

33 fish – Total Weight – 1338.0lbs, Average Weight – 40.54lbs

A great weeks fishing for Rob and James and PB’s all round. James 57.9lb mirror was a massive jump in PB for his first trip to France.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished


Heron Lake

Not fished

Kingfisher Lake

The Howse family first trip to Puyravaud with Charlie (17) and Ben (18) fishing – 48.8M, 42.0C, 43.0M, 48.4M, 49.0C, 56.4M, 47.0M, 47.2M, 43.1M, 50.10M, 56.13M, 43.0M, 40.1C

13 fish, Total Weight – 612.5lbs, Average Weight – 47.11lbs

Wow – what a result for these two young carp anglers. Charlie, in particular is mad keen and fishes regularly at many carp haunts in and around Oxfordshire. What a first trip to France and great to see Kingfisher fished in earnest for a full week. Just shows what a fantastic head of fish are in the lake. Most fish caught between the hours of 9.00pm and 8.00am. Multiple PB’s for both the lads and the session of their lifetimes – so far!!!!!!!!!!!