18/05 – 25/05

We had Jamie, Adam, Brad and the family here with us this week. The boys had to deal with rain all almost all week and the fish spawning which made it difficult. They managed to land 20 fish in total with 2x new PB’s and another 70 coming out. A great week all round the girls loved it and the men all with big smiles. All booked to come back next year already.


55lb m, 58lb m, 73lb m, 38lb g, 47lb c, 46lb g, 55lb m, 41lb c, 30lb c, 57lb m, 43lb m, 42lb m, 45lb g, 26lb c, 54lb c, 44lb c, 50lb c, 38lb m, 43lb c, 38lb m,




11/05 – 18/05

This week we had the lovely Kevin, Chris and Charlie with us. They have been visiting Puyravaud for 16 years. The boys only fished days and did not fish all week as they enjoy getting out and visiting the local restaurant’s. They managed to land 16 fish in total with Chris having 2x 70’s and a nice new PB. Well in Chris.


71:6 m, 64:4 m, 59:10 m, 30:7 m, 40:5 m, 45:8 c, 74lb m, 59lb c, 55:4 c, 39:7 m, 35lb m, 48:2 c, 28:2 c, 44:6 c



20/4 – 27/04


What a smashing week for the boys from Leeds. Lee, Ray, Glen and Gary are regulars here at Puyravaud and were brilliant as always. Lots of banter and laughs and plenty of big fish. They had mixed weather with lows of 1° and ground frost for the first part of the week. This didn’t stop the fish getting there heads down and the boys who only fished days managed to land 16 fish in total and lost 7.


76:4m 73:4m 69:11m 64:7m 62:15m 59:11m 56:6c 56:14m 45:10m 42:12m 43:13m 41:10m 43:15m 33:10c 35:7c 41:10m


05/ – 12/08

Lovely Chris and Tina with us on Kingfisher this week. The guys had a tough week, Kingfisher not fishing as well as Heron at the mo. They battled away and managed to have 5 fish out. Already booked to come back 2024 & 2025. It was an absolute pleasure to have you guys, see you soon.

Catch report:

43:8c, 35:4m, 41:3m, 27:8m, 43:9c


5/08 – 12/08

This week we were joined by Den, Brad, Jack and their families. The boys had 19 fish out with Brad having 5x 50’s and a new PB of 54:8 all while the girls and children had a lovely time by the pool. Already booked to come back 2025. see you soon guys.


Catch Report:

51:1c, 38:8c, 24:1c, 48:16c, 39:8m, 37m, 51:7m, 41:2m, 36m, 46c, 38m, 36m, 51:7m, 54:8c, 51:3c, 45:5m, 34m, 34:2m, 39:4m



29/07 – 5/08

What a fantastic week weve had with Aaron, Ben Justin, Charlie + family and friends. The guys had 30 fish out over both lakes with a couple of 60’s and 4x new PB’s.  The kids all played together lovely and didnt leave the pool. They loved the cast in a bucket game with George, Rosie and Emilia all hitting the spot. Thanks for a lovely week guys, we look forward to seeing you hopefully next year.

Catch report:

41:5m, 60:2m, 49:8m, 33:1c, 28m, 33:3c, 30:5m, 42:12m, 37:5c, 31m, 34:1m 45m, 32m, 33m, 38:14g, 33:3m, 48:4m, 30m, 62:1m, 36:16m, 56m, 40c, 52g, 34:1m 41c, 49:14m, 47m, 48m, 47c



22nd – 29th July

This week we had Gareth and Rob with their families here with us. The boys did really well managing to have 19 fish out between them. They didnt fish all week and only fished two nights. PB for Rob @ 59:12 which was excellent. The wives and kids all had a fantastic time enjoying the pool, playing some football, visiting the local beach and spending some quality time down the lake all togther. Already booked to come back next year – we cant wait to see you all again.

Catch report:

45m, 42:4m, 39g, 50c, 35lb cat, 44:1m, 54:5m, 45g, 37:5m, 44:10m, 46:7m, 54:14m, 44:10m, 40m, 48m, 27:2m, 41:2m, 59:12m, 42:1m


15th – 22nd July

We had Stuart Gillott with his family and friends on both lakes. Stuart and Lee only fished Heron for one night and one morning as they were enjoying the holiday with friends and family. They both managed to have 1 each 59:14m & 44:10m.

The young lads on Kingfisher fished all week and managed to have 4 out.

Catch report:

48:14c 44:12m 45:7m 35:3m 59:14m  44:10m




1st – 15th July

Mark and Colin visited us with thier wives for two weeks. The boys had it tough the first week managing to land 1 and unfortunately lost 3 right at the bank. The second week was a lot more productive as they managed to land 9 going up to 60lb and lost another 3.

New PB’s for the boys which was fantastic, already booked to come back next year,

Catch report:

29:2c, 48:12m, 38:2m, 48:4m leather, 28:12c, 30:2m, 43:7m 54:7m 55:5m 60:7m