Catch Reports 9th – 16th September 2017


Heron Lake

Ian and Jeff had a fantastic second week (finished fishing on Thursday evening so only 6 days – 43.03M, 39.01M, 26.06M, 23.13M, 42.06M, 31.13M, 36.06M, 46.08M, 40.04M, 32.11M, 34.08M, 31.05M, 43.05M, 52.05M, 32.07M, 20.0C, 45.1M, 34.14C, 46.03M, 26.6M, 27.1M, 18.1M, 20.0M, 25.06M, 30.03M, 51.03M, 23.05M, 25.04M, 27.08M, 23.04M, 31.05M, 28.03M, 41.03M, 25.05M

34 fish – Total Weight 1124.76lbs, Average Weight 33.08lbs

New PB for Jeff and further 50’s for Ian. A great week in wet conditions. In total 54 fish over two weeks and more than 1800lbs in weight – a very good average weight of over 33lbs!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

Terry White returned for his 3rd trip and what a record breaking week he had – 37.04M, 38.09M, 39.11M, 54.13M, 44.06M, 44.0M, 47.11M, 44.03M, 39.11M, 51.05M, 55.13M, 43.01M, 50.05M, 45.03M, 42.12C, 44.0M, 41.04M, 46.08M, 31.08M, 43.08M, 46.08M, 44.12M, 45.08C.

23 fish, Total Weight 979lbs, Average weight 42.12lbs.

Terry only fished 5.5 days and yet broke his own record for the most fish caught (23) by a single angler on Kingfisher (PREVIOUS BEST 16) in one week. Also beat the record for the most fish caught (7) by a single angler in one day. A fabulous week for Terry with new PB’s for both mirror and commons and 4 fish over 50lbs!

We had 6 x 50’s out this week across both lakes and ended up recording our 48th 50lbs+ fish of the season – a massive improvement on previous years with still time for a lot more in 2017! Here’s to the half century coming very soon!