Catch Reports 8 – 15th September 2018


Heron Lake

The McGready’s third trip to Puyravaud. Fished very very lightly on the first of their two weeks – 34.4M, 40.4M, 33.0C, 39.6M, 36.0M, 24.0M, 28.8M, 46.2M, 30.0M.

9 fish, Total Weight – 312.4lbs, Average Weight – 34.71lbs

Kingfisher Lake

Richard and Tina’s first visit to Puyravaud, fished nights only except for last day as well – 42.10M, 42.06C, 54.04M, 58.08M, 43.06C, 50.06M, 39.06M, 38.14C, 54.10M, 46.12M

10 fish, Total Weight – 472.0lbs, Average Weight – 47.2lbs

The best week since early June and nice to see some good 50’s coming out this week.