Catch Reports 7 – 14th April 2018


Heron Lake

The O’Connors first visit to Puyravaud. Only fished days – 36.2M, 38.4C, 34.8M, 36.4M, 41.6M, 38.8M, 28.8M, 38.8M, 39.4M, 46.8M, 24.2M, 24.8M, 38.6M, 38.9M, 44.8M, 48.4M, 34.8C, 37.5M, 41.4M, 53.8M, 27.6C, 29.4M, 24.8M. Total Weight – 849.0lbs, Average Weight – 36.91lbs

Highest ever average weight on Heron!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished