Catch Reports 6th – 13th May


Heron Lake

Andy and Mark arrived for their first visit to Puyravaud looking to celebrate Mark’s 50th birthday – 25.6M, 32.7M, 36.7M, 31.4M, 33.4M, 32.9M, 31.8M, 40.6M, 41.8M, 20.3M, 36.7M, 26.9M, 27.0M, 22.4M, 39.8M, 20.0C, 36.4C, 32.7M, 25.7M, 23.4C, 41.9M, 25.7M, 30.1M, 37.9M, 26.7M, 35.6M, 34.6M, 42.7M, 37.1M, 37.1M, 32.1M, 23.1M, 27.1M, 25.4M, 28.2C, 24.8C, 29.8M, 25.2M, 31.2M, 29.2M, 30.2M, 29.2M, 30.1GhostC, 36.8M, 27.6M, 20.9C, 25.9C, 35.06M, 26.9M, 37.1M, 26.3M, 32.9C, 45.6M, 39.1M, 29.9M, 33.4M, 23.9M, 37.7M, 27.7M, 37.3C, 42.6GC, 27.3M, 34.7M, 26.1M, 31.9M, 34.6C, 25.6M

67 fish Total Weight 2100lbs Average Weight 31.35lbs

The guys certainly found some action and bagged the most weight in a single week record at Puyravaud. Thank you Gary Hagues for recommending us to Andy.

Kingfisher Lake

Mark and Terry tried their hand on Kingfisher during their umpteenth visit to Puyravaud – 41.9M, 50.9M, 45.8M

3 fish Total Weight 136lbs 6ozs Average Weight 46.2lbs

A disappointing week on Kingfisher after 4 cracking weeks, but another 50+ comes out. Are the fish resting up before spawning??????