Catch Reports 6 – 13th August 2022


Heron Lake

The Poole Family of 16 with 6 anglers fishing both lakes and visiting for the first time – 43.6GC, 51.10M, 45.8C, 43.11M, 40.3M, 33.4M, 54.6M, 54.12M, 49.10C, 50.6M, 42.6M, 34.12C, 37.8C, 47.9M, 45.00C, 48.0M, 44.12M, 21.0M, 28.4M, 28.12M, 33.10M, 36.12M, 40.8M, 51.8C.

26 fish, Total Weight – 1009.7lbs, Average Weight – 40.4lbs

A very good week considering the extreme heat all week. Multiple PB’s contributed to a great weeks angling.

Kingfisher Lake

39.4M, 40.0M, 41.11C, 46.6M, 47.9M, 48.8M, 49.4M, 53.6M, 27.4M, 33,8M, 36.12M, 35.11M, 38.11M, 43.3M, 24.2M, 46.2C, 50.8M, 49.0M

18 fish, Total Weight – 752.62lbs, Average Weight – 41.8lbs

A fantastic week on Kingfisher for Den and Brad, especially considering the weather.

Overall and considering the very hot weather – a wonderful week of fishing! Average weight across 44 fish is over 41lbs!!!!!!!! Pretty incredible for our little old fishery.

Customers happy, owners happy – all we need now is some rain and lots of it!