Catch Reports 6 -13th April 2019


Heron Lake

The Orams and Syd returned again for their 6th trip – 34.9M, 26.9C, 50.0M, 29.6C, 18.0M, 37.7M, 45.6M, 20.6M, 40.6M, 20.0M, 49.9M, 21.0M, 18.4M, 25.5M, 38.9M, 37.6M, 17.3C, 37.6M, 27.1M, 30.4M, 22.0C, 32.8M, 27.0M, 24.6M, 35.6M, 33.6M, 35.3M, 30.9M, 18.2M, 18.1M, 24.4C, 58.4M, 41.0C, 28.5C, 31.1M, 35.4M, 57.0M

37 fish, Total Weight – 1181.5lbs, Average Weight – 31.93lbs.

Not a bad week for both Dean and Jason. Dean broke his PB twice in the week and just missed the lake record. Strange distribution of fish with most caught in the deeper water.

Kingfisher Lake

Closed all season