Catch Reports 5 – 12 May 2018


Kingfisher Lake

Adam and Craig back for their 2nd visit with new boy Chris – 39.8M, 46.8M, 48.0M, 47.8M, 45.7M, 48.0M, 46.9M

7 Fish, Total Weight – 323.0lbs, Average Weight – 46.14lbs

A tough week and the guys worked hard for their fish.

Heron Lake

The guys fished Heron for a couple of afternoons as it was free – 32.2M, 53.4M52.0C, 24.5C, 20.0M, 30.0C, 43.2M, 34.9C.

8 fish, Total Weight – 290.2lbs, Average Weight – 36.28lbs

A couple of 50’s caught off ‘ Common as Muck’ to end the week on a high!