Catch Reports 4 – 11th June 2022


Heron Lake

Tom returned to Puyravaud for the second time, this time with family – 27.2M, 42.2M, 30.14GC, 38.0GC, 33.7M, 48.6C, 34.6M, 44.2M, 42.2M, 27.0M, 30.0C, 49.12M, 45.8M, 29.0C, 33.0C, 43.10M, 18.0C, 36,0M, 25.0C, 26.0M, 34.0C

21 fish, Total Weight – 738.8lbs, Average Weight – 35.18lbs

A good number of fish caught but nothing over 50lbs – unusual!!!!! but PB’s for James and Simon, so 2 out of 3 still not bad!

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished