Catch Reports 4 – 11th August 2018


Heron Lake

Mark and Linda brought various family members to Puyravaud, 5 fishing pretty much 24 x 7 – 34M, 17M, 28M, 22M, 25M, 27C, 36M, 24M, 44M, 23M, 47M, 30M, 17C, 23C, 25M, 35M, 31M, 27M, 23M, 40C, 39M, 37M, 26M, 17M, 28M, 37M, 36M, 44M, 23C, 25M, 32M, 30C, 36M, 28M, 28M, 15C, 42M, 21M, 38C, 41M, 48M, 38M, 36M, 26M, 25M, 25M, 30C, 21M, 37M, 19M, 56M, 17M, 18M, 21C,20M, 24M, 39M, 32M< 28C, 24M, 35M, 36M, 44M, 32M, 33M, 46M, 29M, 47M, 32M, 30C, 24C, 46C, 25C, 32M, 35M, 22M, 29C, 46M, 45M, 18M, 25M, 46M, 34M, 30C, 31M, 18M, 30C

87 fish, Total Weight – 2690lbs, Average Weight – 30.92lbs.

Wow, what a week for the Parkers, despite the hot weather, they smashed it!

Kingfisher Lake

First visit for the Chalks – 41.0M, 53.4M, 43.0M, 43.8M, 44.0M, 46.8M

6 fish, Total Weight – 272.0lbs, Average Weight – 45.3lbs

Lake slowly returning to normal, still fishing hard, but better week by week.