Catch Reports 31st March – 7th April 2018


Heron Lake

Jonny, Danny and Martin back for the 5th time. Fished days and 4 nights.

Martin – 23.9M, 31.2M, 31.5M, 46.11M35.4M, 34.0M, 29.14M, 26.12M, 53.12M (new PB), 35.1M, 39.5M, 31.7M, 33.12M, 45.14M, 28.10M, 36.4M, 30.3M, 26.6M, 21.1M, 22.0C, 30.7M, 25.2C, 34.12M, 30.9M. 24 fish, Total weight – 783.12lbs, Average weight – 32.6lbs

Danny – 31.15M, 37.9M, 31.5M, 30.9M, 35.2M, 29.11M, 53.14C (new PB), 25.6M, 26.8M, 20.0M, 31.1M, 27.2M, 32.10M, 21.12M, 22.2C, 39.10M, 25.2C. 17 fish, Total weight – 521.2lbs, Average weight 30.6lbs.

Jonny – 29.7M, 27.12C, 38.13M, 36.14C, 32.6M, 53.13M (New PB), 29.0M, 31.13M, 25.9M, 41.3M, 24.14M, 35.10M, 33.2M, 36.2M36.6M, 24.9M. 16 fish, Total weight 537.3lbs, Average weight 33.5lbs.

Week total 57 fish, Total weight 1842lbs, Average weight 32.3lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Peter’s first trip to Puyravaud, fished days and 5 nights – 50.11M, 50.5C, 48.2M, 42.8M, 45.0M, 45.8M, 52.2M, 46.8M, 58.0M, 48.4M, 59.2M, 43.8C, 46.0M, 44.0M, 43.8M, 36.1G, 44.12M, 40.2M.

18 fish, Total weight – 845.5lbs, Average weight – 47.9lbs.

A great weeks fishing on both lakes with 8 good 50’s out and our first 50+ common on Kingfisher.