Catch Reports 30th June – 7th July 2018


Heron Lake

Mark and Terry returned for their second trip of the year and 13th in total – 40.0M, 20.4M, 28.9C, 38.4M, 32.0M, 28.4M, 24.0C, 30.0C, 26.0M, 37.0M, 26.8M, 22.4M, 28.4C, 34.0M, 27.0M, 46.0M, 22.6M, 28.9M, 29.0M, 32.4M, 28.8M, 26.8M, 25.0M, 20.0C, 27.4M, 20.0C, 33.4M, 41.9M, 35.8M, 40.4C, 40.4M

31 fish, Total Weight – 942.5lbs, Average Weight – 30.4lbs.

Trip between 26th June – 3rd July

Heron Lake (2) 5-6th July

Pete fished Heron for 48 hours due to Kingfisher being affected by storms – 42.3M, 43.6M, 44.0M, 33.0M, 38.5M, 32.6M, 21.0M

7 fish, Total Weight – 255.0lbs, Average Weight – 36.4lbs.

Pete recovered well after a fruitless few days on Kingfisher, even had all three rods go off at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kingfisher Lake

No catch recorded.