Catch Reports 30 April – 7 May


Heron Lake

Graham, Mike, Jason and Ian returned to Puyravaud for a second visit. Ian fished Kingfisher whilst the others fished Heron – 38.2GC, 38.0M, 46.6M, 38.2C, 30.4M, 47.10M, 49.10C, 46.8M, 48.8M, 57.14M, 51.8M, 30.4C, 33.3M, 37.8M, 48.4C, 49.12M, 23.6C, 43.10M, 38.6M, 23.0M, 46.8M, 39.5M, 31.8M, 44.4C, 39.10GC, 58.8M, 48.4M, 42.10M, 38.6C, 32.10M, 42.5GC

31 fish, Total Weight – 1287.4lbs, Average Weight – 41.52lbs

A good weeks fishing that started very well and got much tougher. Nevertheless, some good results and PB’s along the way.

Kingfisher Lake

Ian fishing the lake solo for the first time – 39.14M, 49.05M, 51.11M, 46.8M, 46.6M, 39.4M, 44.8C, 40.6C, 32.3M, 41.3M, 41.13M, 61.8M, 50.14M, 43.10M, 54.01M

15 fish, Total Weight – 685.1lbs, Average Weight – 45.67lbs

A tremendous weeks fishing for Ian including a wonderful PB and first 60+ fish ever. Success with bottom baits during the early part of the week, changing to adding a bright pink garlic pop up for the bigger fish at the end of the week. Well done sir!!!!!!!!!!!!