Catch Reports 29th April – 6th May


Kingfisher Lake

First visit to Puyravaud for the Parker family – happy to say we had two very good lady anglers looking for PB’s!!!

50.6M, 39.1M, 56.11M (Kingfisher and Venue Record), 55.13M, 45.6m, 50.2M, 44.3M, 40.0M, 50.1M, 46.0C, 38.0C, 22M, 54.6M, 49.8M, 53.2M.

Ami caught 39.1M, 55.13M, 53.2M – Linda caught 46.0C. Well done girls.

15 fish Total Weight 694.6lbs, Average Weight 46.3lbs. 7 x 50’s + new lake and venue record + highest average weight ever recorded. Best single weeks result we have had!!!!!!!! Wow!

Heron Lake

Lee, Gary, Glenn, Ray and Richard returned to Puyravaud for a second visit – 23.0M, 28.0M, 30.1M, 40.3M, 53.0C (Venue best common), 20.4M, 28.6, 36.4M, 39.6M, 36.5M, 29.7M, 27.0M, 25.0M, 20.0C, 34.1M, 27.2M, 31.0C, 26.0C, 37.8M, 28.0M, 41.1M, 37.1M, 38.7M, 31.0M, 38.12M, 30.7M, 31.1M,32.0M, 23.0M, 38.5M, 34.8M, 28.0M, 32.8M, 20.0M, 31.4M, 32.0M,36.0M, 40.2M,28.5M.

39 fish Total Weight 1236lbs, Average Weight 31.69lbs.