Catch Reports 28th April – 5th May 2018


Heron Lake

Kevin, Chris and Charlie here for yet another trip. Very casual fishing, late starts, early finishes – 46.0M, 43.7M, 38.0M, 32.0M, 23.0C, 38.0M, 38.0M, 37.0M, 32.0M, 28.0M, 34.0M

11 fish, Total Weight – 389.7lbs, Average Weight – 35.42lbs.

Kingfisher Lake

Lee, Gary, Ray and Richard returned for their third trip but this time fishing Kingfisher – 44.8C, 46.5M, 48.7M, 50.7M, 48.4C, 51.0M, 41.5C, 41.6M, 45.8M, 35.0GC

10 Fish, Total Weight – 454.0lbs, Average Weight – 45.4lbs