Catch Reports 26th Sept – 3rd Oct 2020


Heron Lake

Mark and Terry’s second week and the fish continued to come out, particularly after a change of tactics – 42.8GC, 27.8M, 52.8M, 27.0C, 33.0M, 35.0C, 32.0C, 28.0M, 32.8M, 41.0M, 34.0C, 28.0M, 42.4C, 27.4M, 42.0C, 34.0M, 32.6C, 44.0M, 37.0C, 44.0C, 47.0M, 52.0M

22 fish, Total Weight – 816.6lbs, Average Weight – 37.12lbs

Not quite as prolific as their first week, but still pretty good. Overall a very good two week session.

Kingfisher Lake

Not fished