Catch Reports 25 Sep – 2 Oct 2021


Heron Lake

Terry and Mark back for another two week stay, here’s their first weeks report – 44.6M, 64.4M, 53.0M, 31.0M

4 fish, Total Weight – 193.0lbs, Average Weight – 48.25lbs

The strangest week ever on Heron. Last week 40 fish, this week only 4. High pressure may have caused the change, but Heron is normally bomb proof and delivers double figures of fish.

Kingfisher Lake

Richard back with Tina for their second visit – 48.11M, 57.4M, 40.6M, 49.0M, 54.8M, 46.3C

6 Fish, Total Weight – 296.8lbs, Average Weight – 49.46lbs

Some nice fish for Richard and one of our highest average weights on this lake for a long time. Great to see this lake consistently yielding some good fish. First time ever that Kingfisher has out fished Heron in a week!!!!!!!!!