Catch Reports 21 – 28th July 2018


Heron Lake

Jason and Gary with families returned for their second trip to Puyravaud – 33.02M, 24.12M, 31.0M, 27.08M, 32.0M, 40.04C, 30.00M, 30.00M, 28.00M, 20.12M, 34.03M, 36.08M, 40.02M, 44.03M, 23.12M, 29.08M, 25.04M, 31.08M, 23.03M, 35.05M, 28.07M, 45.12M, 18.08M, 24.08C, 37.00M, 37.0M, 41.0M, 32.04M, 22.0M, 32.14M, 44.10M, 27.01M, 39.02M, 34.1M, 30.04M, 35.03M, 29.0C, 42.04M, 36.12M, 24.0C, 31.02C

42 fish, Total weight – 1333.0lbs, Average Weight – 31.74lbs

A super weeks fishing for the group with PB’s all round.

Kingfisher Lake

First visit for Martin, Mike and Andrew – 44.00M

A tough week and with hind-site, should have booked the other lake.