Catch Reports 21 – 28th April 2018


Heron Lake

Terry and Mark back for their 14th trip!!!!!!!!!!!! Fished casual days only, very casual – 45.14M, 34.6M, 56.0C (New Lake Record), 36.8C, 39.8C, 38.0M, 24.0M, 43.0M, 39.14M, 37.14M, 34.0C, 33.8M, 32.0C, 39.2M, 26.0C, 20.0M, 36.0M.

17 Fish, Total Weight – 616.90lbs, Average Weight – 36.28lbs

New Lake Record for Heron Lake

Kingfisher Lake

Dave O and Badger back for another trip – fished nights and days – 49.08M, 48.0C, 38.0M, 48.8M, 48.9M, 40.12C, 50.4M, 34.0GC, 45.8C, 60.4M (New Lake Record and first 60+ fish)55.4M, 45.12M

12 fish, Total Weight 564.8lbs, Average Weight 47.04lbs

New Lake Records on each lake in the same week. Brilliant!