Catch Reports 20th – 27th May 2017


Heron Lake

Kevin returned for his (not sure but must be into double figures) trip, Kim was back for his second and Martin here for his first – 20.0C, 24.7M, 39.0C, 38.5M, 37.2M, 38.1M, 36.8M, 29.7M, 35.0M, 51.9C, 32.4M, 39.5M, 37.1C, 36.1M, 20.0C, 25.6M.

16 fish – Total Weight 541lbs 6ozs, Average Weight 33lbs 8ozs.

Some nice action off the top with a couple of high 30’s taking dog biscuit off the surface. A reasonable week considering the searing temperatures.

Kingfisher Lake

Daryl’s first visit to Puyravaud – 36.0M, 43.12C, 46.2M, 43.0M, 51.8M, 28.0G, 42.8M, 52.4M

8 fish – Total Weight 343lbs 2ozs, Average Weight 42lbs 14ozs.

A great first week for Daryl with two new PB’s during the week. and his first 2 x 50’s!!!!!!!! The grassy bought the average weight down by a couple of pounds!