Catch Reports 20 – 27th August 2022


Heron Lake

Second week for the Amery’s and the fishing was even better this week – 53.0C, 57.5M, 50.8M, 38.1GC, 30.8C, 33.1M, 42.14C, 28.6M, 46.10M, 42.5C, 45.7M, 30.2C, 37.4M, 40.7M, 43.10M, 61.5M, 51.0C, 41.1C, 43.10M, 64.1C, 53.0M, 37.4M, 47.10M, 34.12C, 45.0M, 25.10C.

26 fish, Total Weight – 1126.7lbs, Average Weight – 43.33lbs

An excellent second week for Carl with a lovely PB common. 43 fish over the two weeks for a single angler fishing days only.

Kingfisher Lake

Chris and Tina’s second visit to Puyravaud, this time on Kingfisher – 42.0M, 47.4M, 39.0M, 29.0C, 52.0C, 44.0C, 48.0M, 59.0M, 53.0M, 43.4C, 43.5M, 52.0M, 37.0C

13 Fish, Total Weight – 589.6lbs, Average Weight – 45.35lbs

A lovely weeks fishing for Chris and Tina and a great PB for Chris. Some lovely fish caught and a very acceptable average weight across 13 fish. Booked to come back next year!!!!!!!