Catch Reports 1st – 8th August 2020


Heron Lake

Dave L, Dave O and Badger were back at Puyravaud yet again in sweltering temperatures, fished Sunday to Thursday night only – 44.8C, 25.0M, 33.0M, 60.5M, 38.0C, 48.12M, 37.8M, 24.7C, 44.4M, 42.4GC, 34.4C, 40.0M, 43.4C, 41.8C, 22.0M, 20.0M, 61.12M, 43.0M, 28.0M

19 fish, Total Weight – 733.8lbs, Average Weight – 38.62lbs

A nice PB for Badger and two 60’s out, so not a bad week for the guys

Kingfisher Lake

Dave L decided to try his luck on Kingfisher and try and get the fish of the naturals – 39.8C, 32.0M, 30.8M, 36.0M, 40.4M, 56.0M

6 fish, Total Weight – 235.0lbs, Average Weight – 39.17lbs

Nice to see some fish coming out of Kingfisher again, the first time its really been fished attentively for a long time! Well done Dave L

Se you all next year!