Catch Reports 18th – 25th July 2020


Heron Lake

The Broomhalls returned for their second visit to Puyravaud, with 5 anglers fishing. Weather was consistently hot with no rain – 64.7M (new lake and venue record), 43.6M, 45.5M, 39.10M, 19.00C, 30.15M, 29.15GC, 18.0M, 38.12M, 45.8M, 42.7C, 19.3C, 35.0M, 32.4C, 53.3M, 28.0GC, 41.4M, 43.2GC, 32.0M, 36.11C, 40.6C, 30.7C, 21.0M, 30.0M, 43.12M, 60.11 (our one and only catfish), 44.2M

27 fish, Total Weight – 1008lbs 5 ozs, Average Weight – 37.5lbs

Despite the very hot weather, a good week for the team with a new lake record (first fish of the week) and 4 out of 5 anglers going home with PB’s. A very rare visit to the bank for our one and only catfish that has only been caught twice in 10 years.

Kingfisher Lake

Only fished for one night – no return.