Catch Reports 18 June – 1st July


Heron Lake

Simon visiting Puyravaud for the first time on a family holiday, only fished 80 hours in two weeks – 47.0M, 42.0M, 42.12C, 43.0GC, 36.15GC

5 fish, Total Weight – 211.05lbs, Average Weight – 42,21lbs

Started to see some crayfish activity which is unusual for us, but catch reports are down on normal so maybe this is contributing. Will investigate further now I am back from UK.

Simon has booked to return in 2024

Kingfisher Lake

Regan and Trevor visiting with wives for first time – 48.0M

A very bad trip for two experienced visitors to France. Again seeing crayfish activity after some terrible electrical storms and floods from further up the tributary. Have booked to return in 2024.