Catch Reports 18 – 25th September 2022


Heron Lake

Dave O’Dell and his team back for another trip to Puyravaud fishing both lakes with Tom, Scott and Stew – 57.10m, 43.8M, 51.11C, 47.5M, 46.3C, 35.6M, 35.2M, 54.4M, 38.11C, 36.10M, 51.7C, 43.6C, 48.8M

13 fish, Total Weight – 591.3lbs, Average Weight – 45.48lbs

Fished days only apart from Stew doing a few nights, some great quality fish out and a very good average weight for Heron Lake.

Kingfisher Lake

Dave fishing this one on his own after a couple of fish on Heron to start – 38.0M, 59.1M, 52.4M, 43.9M, 41.7C, 43.5C, 43.2M

7 fish, Total Weight – 321.8lbs, Average Weight – 45.97lbs

A very good few days on Kingfisher for Dave with a new PB and again a very good average weight across these 7. Dave had 9 fish in the week across the two lakes with an average of over 47lbs…..!!!!!!!!!!