Catch Reports 17th – 24th September 2016


Heron Lake

Chris, Sam and Nick Bilsby returned for a 3rd Visit – 25.8M, 30.6M, 33.2C, 34.4M, 39.4M, 30.2M, 21.9M, 30,2M, 26.6M, 27M, 26M, 38.6M, 27.2M, 39M.

14 Fish, Total Weight 430.1lbs, Average Weight 30.72lbs

Kingfisher Lake

Terry White returned for his second trip and had an “Unbelievable Week” – 40.8M, 45.1M, 45.8M, 49.1M, 44.2M, 36.7M, 34.6M, 46.6M, 42.1M, 49.1M, 45.5M, 36.8C, 32.1C, 37.9M,45.2M.

16 Fish, Total Weight 673lbs, Average Weight 42.06lbs