Catch Reports 16 – 23rd October 2021


Heron Lake

Kevin, Chris and Charlie back for yet another visit – 53.15M, 47.05C, 65.10C, 64.03M, 39.01C, 52.09M, 37.15C, 46.00C, 65.04M

9 Fish, Total Weight – 471.12lbs, Average Weight – 52.35lbs

What a week for Kevin and Chris – both got new PB’s, 3 fish over 60lbs and the highest ever average weight from Heron Lake. A real quality carp catching week!

Kingfisher Lake

Chris Roberts back on Kingfisher for a week this time – 56.12M, 44.00C, 59.0M, 44.1M, 27.8C, 39.6M, 50.4M, 56.6M

8 fish, Total Weight – 378.2lbs, Average Weight – 47.28lbs

Great week for Chris, some lovely 50’s, Kingfisher is really back to its best now after some consistent catches over the last few months. Great to see it fished regularly again and producing regular high quality results.

Puyravaud delivered 17 fish this week – 3 x 60’s, 6 x 50’s and 4 x 40’s (13 fish over 40lbs) with an average weight of 49.15lbs……………!!!!!!!!!!! Our best ever result in terms of size of fish.